How many guys/girls have you slept with and how old are you?

i realize this is a personal question, so you can answer anonymously if you prefer.

i think many people feel like they have had too many/little in comparison to others, so I think this question would be informing to people.


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      Bwahahaha, somebody gave me a down rate for being a 29 year old virgin. WTF is that supposed to mean? I feel like a loser and I bet I got the down rating because somebody thought I was lying and they felt insecure for having a lot of sex. So funny how people think!

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      I used to be really shy when I was younger so I never actually told a girl I liked her until I was like 22. We hung out a lot but it turned out she was just using me to make her ex jealous :(

      A year after that I started hitting on a woman I worked with and we hung out a few times but she was also shy so it was kind of hard for anything to happen and she ended up thinking I didn't like her because I didn't try putting a move on her right away.

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      Now I'm so old I'm too embarrassed to even try dating a woman because when she finds out I'm a virgin she'll think something is undesirable about me and that is why no other woman has slept with me. I know that is what women think and I've seen them say it plenty of times on this site.