How many guys/girls have you slept with and how old are you?

i realize this is a personal question, so you can answer anonymously if you prefer.

i think many people feel like they have had too many/little in comparison to others, so I think this question would be informing to people.

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    Recently turned 24 and I've only been with ONE guy - my boyfriend - been together a year and a half and I lost virginity right before my 23rd birthday. Our society promotes quantity to quality and morality in exchange for a supposed sense of self/a.k.a./rebellious-ness. It's so sad that most people are insecure and never realize/admit it... and this is coming from someone who is NOT a super-religious, ugly, and/or crazy person - I've been boy crazy and a horndog since I was very young, I just chose to get with someone I actually liked/loved and wouldn't regret. :P

    • Why did they vote you down? I bet those are some very messed up ones lol you're a good girl indeed, I always say: if all people were like that, this world would get much better.

    • My condolences go out to the two people who anonymously gave me "down" ratings. Grow up and stop being in denial that it's okay if other people have different opinions than yourself!

  • 15d

    4, and I'm 19.

  • 15d

    I'm 24 years old and i slept with 18 guys already, i just do the math and i'm freking out!!
    BUT i DO believe that meaningless sex is not worth it, as you can se i been there and im not proud. =(

    PS Sorry if my grammar isn't perfect, but English is not my native language.

  • 6 and I'm 27. Most of them all took place in the last year as I broke up after a long term relationship and really just explored a lot.

  • 17, virgin.

  • I was raped by my dads friend when I was 12, and since then many of this mans friends have raped me, and no one would believe me. This continued till I left for college. I have never had sex by my own choice.

  • well... in my first year of college I had sex with a different guy(s) every couple days, and when I couldn't get a guy I did it with a girl(s). I guess you could say I was the school slut.

  • 19 and 4 guys

    3 of whom I was in relationships/seeing and one at uni whilst drunk :/

  • I'm 20 , - 19

  • im 16 and I have been with one guy and one girl

  • 17, and I've slept with 5 guys

  • I'm 22 and have had 8 sexual partners

  • I'm almost 21 and I've been with 27 guys. I was going to wait until marriage but was raped when I was 12. And at 13 I had mai first consensual sex. I've told past bf's mai number and for the most part once they heard me out they were OK with it. I'm always safe and take mai health and others' health very seriously so I don't regret not one moment.

  • 9 guys and I'm 21

  • I'm 18 & still a virgin :)

  • 2 and I'm 19, and that's the highest that my number's ever going to be.

    • thats cute

    • Good question lol. My current partner is the one I'm going to marry someday, so that's why :]

    • So either you're saying you're with your permanent partner right now or you're never gonna have sex again. Which are you saying? If you don't mind me asking. lol

  • Im out to turn 18 and I'm still a virgin

  • 2 and I'm 22

  • Im 17 and I have been with 18 diff guys


    • Haha no I just like to have a good time ;)

    • Woah!

      Going for the record, eh?


  • i'm still a virgin and I'm 19.

  • im 27 and been with 5 guys...

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  • 15d

    24 years old-old.

    • 15d

      I meant 24-0

  • 15d

    Standing we count?


  • 6 and am 20 only two relashionships others one night stand


  • 33 years-old and 3 women. Only one was worth being with, and we were together for 6 years.

  • I am 24 and have been with 21 girls. I spent the last 3.5 years with the same girl and can tell you that it is quality not quantity. Although men make it out to be the more the better, this is far from true. Although I am jaded about my ex, I'd take sex with someone I love and know sexually over a one night stand any day. It takes a long time to learn someone's turn ons and how to push just the right buttons.

    • 15d

      You say you would but have been with twenty one girls? Hypocrite

    • i completelyyyy agree. sex is just so much more meaningful when you really like the person and you really know them. one night stands can be fun but when you are with someone for a while it feels a lot more special.

  • 38yo... Slept with about 40 or so. Been with 1 girl (wifey) for the past 10 years and 3 other LTRS >1yr, so I guess you could say my 20s were very busy:) Best sex by far is my wife.

  • Lost count long ago, but 200, give or take. At 41.

  • 0 at 21 years old

    • Not really.

    • by choice?

  • 0. I'm 21.

    • Nope. Just can't get any.

    • are you saving yourself for marriage?

  • I am 22 and have slept with 6 girls total. Lost my virginity when I was 20 and only one of the girls I can actually say I felt strong emotions for, but not with her anymore :(

  • 0 - 29

    • Now I'm so old I'm too embarrassed to even try dating a woman because when she finds out I'm a virgin she'll think something is undesirable about me and that is why no other woman has slept with me. I know that is what women think and I've seen them say it plenty of times on this site.

    • I used to be really shy when I was younger so I never actually told a girl I liked her until I was like 22. We hung out a lot but it turned out she was just using me to make her ex jealous :(

      A year after that I started hitting on a woman I worked with and we hung out a few times but she was also shy so it was kind of hard for anything to happen and she ended up thinking I didn't like her because I didn't try putting a move on her right away.

    • No of course there isn't anything wrong with you. I just don't see many virgins these days let alone 29 yo virgins. I was just curious as to your mindset. I agree with the QA its really quite adorable and nothing to be ashamed of.

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  • 45 and 14

    • Today's children grow so faaast

    • What do you mean joking? My goal is 100 before I get my driver's license. :D

    • LMAO

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  • I am 20 and 4 girls 1 of which I wish I could erase forever.

  • I'm 22 and have been with 8 girls. Which 4 of them I regret sorta.

    • dont worry, we alll have hook ups we regret.

    • Mainly cause they were drunken hook ups. And one never should have happened

    • half of them.. hm why is that if I may ask?

  • I know some have me beat by a long shot. But, slept with 9, and I'm 24. To me, even what I've been with is still one too many. The youth has lost a sense of morals.

    • Ohhh, I seee. thanks for your answer (:

    • I was rolling down the answers fast and just looking for numbers, I saw the numbers 9 and 24 in your answer and pressed the down button without thinking lol then read again and noticed you're a rational guy who knows this life, sorry again.

    • And QA, I didn't get the notification that you commented again. -- Yes, I did think less of her. Because she lied to me. Also, I wouldn't have gotten with her initially, either. If I would've known that.

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