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Guys, would you rather a girl take her bra off herself, or let you take it off?

idk if he would like it better if I stripped slowly and everything off and let him look at me standing fully naked, or just strip down to my... Show More

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  • depends on the situation always, sexy strip teases are good, so if you're taking them off that's the best Idea if you have all the time, but when it comes to time constraints whoever gets it off quicker. But if your close together making out and getting undressed I usually find that you both undress each other. So you share the experience.

    Best Idea, just go with the flow ans if your standing in front slow and sexy strip, but if your close just make it quick haha

What Guys Said 5

  • Change it up and do both at different times. If I have to choose one gotta go with stay in underwear/bra till I take it off.

  • At least half the fun is taking her clothes off. It's a great bit of foreplay. Reaching behind her back to release those boobies is very excitting!

  • I think I would prefer to watch her remove it.

  • If she does it seductively, teasing me, I'd like her to do it, otherwise, I'll do it. The only time I'd want her to take it off real quickly herself is if she's about to pounce on me ;) I like it when a girl is assertive.

What Girls Said 3

  • It seems to vary with the mood one might be in. In my case I don't wear bra's so it's the top that counts and I find some guys like to slowly get me naked where others much prefer watching me get out of my clothes.

  • wondering what the answers will be :) but I guess depending on the situation both versions are fine as long the bra is off in the end :)

    (but those guys who have a problem to open bras might say, girls should do it :) )

    • I can remove a bra ^-^

    • glad to hear that... good for the girls... :)

  • with the bra it doesn't matter, but my boyfriend likes to take my panties off himself

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