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What turns a guy on the MOST?

What turns a guy on the MOST? What turns a guy on the MOST?

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  • Yup yup teasing is definitely something,...making them work for it (don't use this method for a quickie) like you could tie them up so they can't get to you and then do all kinds of things to get them excited,...touch them,...act like you're gonna kiss them then pull back before they get the chance,...just get creative ya know,...I promise if ya do it right,...hitting all the right teaser spots, when you untie him,...he will probably give some really good stuff,...unless he's just bad at sex lol.

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  • That's easy for me. An amazing kiss! Deep passionate kissing is my favorite.

  • When we're sitting next to each other and she starts to rub her hands on my legs and teases me, or when we play the how far will you get game. She sees how far she can go before her or I pushes away. It also drives me crazy when the girl sits on top of me and dirty dances while undressing!

  • Every guy likes to be teased, do a lot of it and make me work for what your going to give me, I like that a lot. Biting your lip, playing with your hair, basically any of the normal flirting stuff should find its way to the bedroom.Also, if you can tease me when we are in public or with friends suggesting that you can't wait till we are alone again (while seeming to enjoy whatever it is we are doing/not being so obvious our friends get it too). I think everyone likes being kissed on the neck, earlobes, and chest too. I especially like it when you dig into my back a little with your nails while we are fooling around. Makes me feel like I'm doing something right. When it comes to oral, use your tongue a bit, it can get a little boring if you just go back and forth, change it up a bit. And once again tease us, I love it and I know a lot of other guys do too.

  • a girl softly moaning during sex, or a kissing during sex

  • Hmmm. Ear nibbling or neck kissing for me. I get turned on pretty easily, I think. Scents can do it too. One of my exes wore this perfume that drove me up a wall. An "I want you, and we all know it" look does it too.

  • Teasing is great, but there comes a time when it becomes a turn off. Touching is great; kissing is unreal. But the biggest thing for me, is the time when she just starts helping me get to her, i.e. she opens her top or pants while we're making out. That's the point of no return, not that I mind.

  • Sex lol

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  • Teasing

  • When you dance and strip right in front of them but don't let them touch you. It drives my boyfriend wild.

  • I always wear heels, boots, leather outfitsMy last boyfriend would get huge especially when I wore leather..which I started to wear all the timeand when I started smoking and wearing leatherhe was rock hard and huge all the time. Since then I find many guysare the same. When I went to the bars once I started smokingand wearing leather outfits the guys would constantly hit on me.

    • Smoking is disgusting and unattractive...so gross

  • while making out .what a good way to indicate you want to give a blow job ?and while giving one ,what are good tips ?

  • You've got to check out this book - "Tickle His Pickle: Your Hands-On Guide to Penis Pleasing It's AWESOME! You'll drive him CRAZY. (My boyfriend didn't even know about half the tips in there so he was, ahhh, happily surprised. :)

  • This one guy said his weakness after sex, was when he felt me breath on his back, that usually made him want round 2, 3, or 4!

  • talkin about sex while rubbing on his dick!

  • @Jackie87:There's a difference between looking sexy and looking easy. I might not be a guy expert, but from the way you describe how the guys all hit on you when you wear leather and smoke, it sounds like they think you look easy. Maybe dressing up for your boyfriend is different, but why not just dress like who you are when you hit the bar and attract guys who like you the way you would normally dress?The only other point I would like to address is why are you purpsely seeking attention at bars when you obviously have a boyfriend?

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