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Foreplay Tips For FWB?

I've recently gotten into a FWB situation. We've had sex a few times, but are still learning about what the other likes. I asked him the other night... Show More

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  • if he likes being dominated try sitting on top of him and pinning his arms above his head so he can't do anything. If you guys like 69, try grinding your vagina into his mouth while he eats you out. If you have something to tie his hands together with (tie, ribbon, pillowcase, etc.) you can tie his hands above his head and straddle over him and use his penis as a toy. Rub it against your clit, but don't put it inside you.

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  • he wants to be dominated ? sounds like you got a p**** of a FWB lol

    • lol It's his preference. I wasn't aware of this in the beginning, but I want to work with it so we both get a happy ending ;)

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