Whats considered foreplay?

is there anything specific that is considered to be foreplay. foreplay, for the most part is needed to make sex less painful but I'm just wondering what type of stuff goes into it. does oral/fingering ALWAYS have to happen in foreplay? I don't mind giving it or receiving it but I've seen many girls (and some guys) say they hate doing oral/fingering/hj's. does this cause a problem when trying to have sex...


Most Helpful Girl

  • As everyone has mentioned, foreplay is anything you do before intercourse (to get you in the mood, make sex less painful (as you've mentioned), and of course, it has value and pleasure in itself as well. There isn't a set definition for acts that are considered foreplay, and no rules about what acts you have to do when engaging in foreplay. Sure, oral, fingering, and handjobs are types of foreplay, but if a person and their partner don't enjoy these things, they don't have to do them. Foreplay could be giving each other massages, taking a bath or shower together, masturbating in front of each other where the other person isn't allowed to touch, talking dirty/sharing fantasies, watching p*rn together, sending each other dirty text messages when you know you'll be seeing each other later on, going out to dinner together and having your partner not wear any underwear so that you're both feeling naughty, heavy make-out sessions or "dry humping"... The possibilities are endless, really, and to be honest, I think that things that tease can be better foreplay than actual physical, genital-stimulating acts (and can make things like oral or fingering/handjobs themselves better, if they are something you and your partner like to do).