Does it mean anything if a guys balls are loose and hanging or if his balls are tight?

Does it mean he has ejaculated if his balls are loose? or do they have a mind of their own?


Most Helpful Guy

  • No it doesn't mean that unless your question was more directed towards when you're just having sex. When a man's genitals are cold they tighten up and the skin thickens to keep them warm, and they do the same when a guy is tense. But if it warm down there they get very loose so they can cool down. LIke some others said, so that the spermies can maintain as close as possible to the same temperature. Yeah, they probably were given a mind of their own. lol!


Most Helpful Girl

  • A guys balls being loose and hanging or being tight don't have anything to do with ejaculation. Some guys have them loose and some have them tight, each guy is different.
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