Does it mean anything if a guys balls are loose and hanging or if his balls are tight?

Does it mean he has ejaculated if his balls are loose? or do they have a mind of their own?


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  • No it doesn't mean that unless your question was more directed towards when you're just having sex. When a man's genitals are cold they tighten up and the skin thickens to keep them warm, and they do the same when a guy is tense. But if it warm down there they get very loose so they can cool down. LIke some others said, so that the spermies can maintain as close as possible to the same temperature. Yeah, they probably were given a mind of their own. lol!


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  • A guys balls being loose and hanging or being tight don't have anything to do with ejaculation. Some guys have them loose and some have them tight, each guy is different.
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  • If its cool in the room, testes get closer to the body to warm up, If its hot they move further away. They have to maintain a temperature in the upper 60s for good sperm production. That's why they are not located inside the body, like all your ladies plumbing is.

  • it has to do with the thermal regulation of the testes, which work better at a slightly cooler temperature than the rest of the body. The balls do retract a bit during ejaculation but don't stay that way long.

  • Katiesmuff is right but mine do get closer to my body (tighter) when I'm about to "finish"

  • yep, what katiesmuff said.

  • It has to do with body temperature. Didn't they teach you human anatomy in high school? lol

  • hey what up

    if his balls are loose and hangen they just are

    and if theyre tight they just are

    but if the dudes on any pills it will cause there penis to shrink temporarily and there balls to tighten up

    this usually lasts well the dude is on the medicine and a few hours after it wheres off

  • Temperature of the room determines this. Warm air makes them hang lower and cooler air makes them tighten up because the sperm cells need to be about 4 degrees cooler than body temperature for them to live. That's why the testes are outside the body instead of inside. It's strictly a temperature regulating thing, like a thermostat.

  • Actually it may mean he ejaculated if they go from saggy to tight. I get sagging balls too, but there's a supplement I have taken and recently started a web site for that stops my sagging. Check it out at

  • hi baby it doesn't matter about the balls its all abt how you are boyfriend is get it so go ahead and enjoy ur sex

  • my balls are hanging all the time

  • It's temperature dependent. There is a muscle called the cremaster muscle, that regulates the temperature of the testicles by pulling the closer or letting them farther from the body.


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  • NO it does not mean he has ejaculated!

    The sac protects his balls and the balls are temperature sensitive. When that area of a guy is really warm the sac is loose (longer and sagging) If the area is cool the sac retracts to help keep the balls warm. A mans sperm is in the balls and temp is critical to keeping the little guys alive and squirming.

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  • No its just like girls and their boobs some are smaller and others are bigger so some hang and some are tighter

  • Yes it means his body is either in a warm or cold climate.
    When warm they hang to attempt to reduce the temperature to a safe temperature for sperm creation.
    If cold they go into the body to warm up for the same reason.

  • No, not at all, if it's hot they hang low to cool down and if it's cold the eh go north for the winter