Girls who hook up with strangers?

Do ever get scared going to a guy's place or taking him home? How do you know he isn't a lunatic or has serious problems? Does this ever concern you when you hook up with strangers, or do you know worry about it? Please explain...


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  • I did this once in college...only once. I agree, it's a stupid thing to do and don't recommend it. I guess I did it because wanted to do something adventurous, feel alive, take a risk... and I was feeling very lonely at the time. I was also drunk...not a good mix with sex in general.

    To make a long story as short as possible, the man ended up harming me. It wasn't rape, because I obviously invited him for that purpose. But he did hold me down while biting and sucking my neck very very hard. When I asked him to stop and told him it was hurting me, he wouldn't. He kept doing it. At that point I was starting to fear for my life. When it was over, my neck was raw. He asked me repeatedly when he could see me again, I lied and told him he could see me that next weekend, because I wanted him to leave. My neck was covered with black and blue bruises on the left side the next morning. I never reported it, because I was so ashamed. Of course it could have been something much worse, but this guy obviously had serious problems.

    So, take heed, girls who do this without thinking about consequences. You never know who you may be dealing with.

    • Thats sad and all.. but 1 question, was he hot?

    • Oh what, Lucky, is it 'okay' if he was hot?

    • Lucky1227, you are way too obsessed with looks. Answerer, I'm sorry you had to go through that, that guy was obviously nuts. You should have reported him so no other girl would have to get bit up by that vampire, lol.

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  • I think it could be a risk for a girl to do so, as someone you have known for a short period of time could be anyone. This is another reason against one night stands. I know a girl who used to take guys home, give them a BJ but not let them come then throw them out on the street. That was her power trip. I thought that she was taking a risk of being raped. As a guy I wouldn't take a girl home as I don't pick up, but I think wondering if she is a thief would be a risk too for the removal of your wallet, phone, other pocket sized valuables.

  • I think fun and adventure are awesome, but purposely putting yourself in danger is just plain stupid. If you're hot for someone, get to know them a bit first. Ted Bundy and plenty of other serial killers were good-looking, charming, polite, etc. They had no problem finding women willing to be with them right away. Of course, these women never thought someone handsome and clean-cut could do them harm. That's how he managed to murder dozens of women before getting caught.

  • Well we're all crazy, that goes without saying, but the lunatics are few and far between. There are plenty of jerks and idiots out there, but you gotta hope you've figured those out by the time you're heading home. Just some thoughts on the matter.


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  • I've hooked up with strangers, but always in a group setting. If it is partying I will take him somewhere private and let him do me. I would never go to another guys house alone nor would I bring them back to my place until I am sure I want them knowing where it is I live.

  • I wonder the same exact things haha...

    • me too. I couldn't do it. maybe a bunch of people together going back to someone randoms place but.. I could never go alone with a guy to his house/apartment. its not my style anyway but even if it was.. I'm just too paranoid I guess aha . I value my life.

    • You are very pretty!

  • I feel like hot guys can't be crazy lunatics

    • That is what you think until that hot guy rapes you & cuts you up into little tiny pieces. Trust me, hot guys can be crazy, I know women who have been raped by them. If someone is insane, their looks have nothing to do with it, it is a mental thing.

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    • don't say what, the truth?

    • i actually laughed out loud at this answer.

  • Hooking up with complete strangers is way too risky. I don't even think I'd be comfortable enough with them to enjoy anything. If it's someone you don't know very well though, always make sure you tell someone where you're going and everything. Your best bet is a quickie in their car or something so that you don't have to go anywhere with them if you really wanna do it.