Do guys care about "roast beef" vaginas?

My inner lips are longer than the outer ones. Does this turn off guys?

Will a guy not want to sleep with me because of it?


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  • I don't. Every vulva is beautiful to me.

  • Jesus...

    If we're at the point where I can actually see your vag, I don't think I'm going to go, "EEEEWWW roast beef!" and flee screaming from the premises. I'm not a fan of the look, personally, but some dudes are, its just a matter of personal preference, and only really affects my choice of pron. In any case, if we're at the point where we've agreed to get naked together, that isn't going to be a dealbreaker by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Vagina is pretty no matter how it z...

  • My girl has long lips and a big clit. I love it. I always saw pussys like hers on pornos and can't believe i finally found one of my own. Its tight smells good and I am obsessed with sucking on her lips and clit. By far the best one you can have especialy if your man is well endowed and loves to eat pussy.

  • Roast beef, enlongated labias, penis-like clits, excessive hanging camel-toe...I don't give a rat's ass. I'm not on the quest for the perfect bajina. So long as it's clean and deep enough for my massive hog, then I'm loving it.

  • Shound not bother a bloke!

  • Not my favorite type but if I'm that far with a girl I'm not gonna stop.

  • I'm not sure without seeing your vagina but I don't think it would turn anyone off

  • To be honest I would prefer if the lips were trimmed, but if she is gorgeous it really doesn't matter, not even a bit. No matter how uggly the vagina is, if the girl is hot it will always look just fine.

  • I care. It makes me want to pull your long lips with my lips : )


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  • Had to chuckle over that description, but I can assure you guys will not be turned off by that. Sounds like you are pretty much like me down in that area and guys seem to love being down their on me. Most guys are just happy to be between a girls legs to begin with and pay very little attention to the physical appearance when in the area. Similiar to the way we are with a guys penis.

    You will have no problem finding sleeping partners.

    • "You will have no problem finding sleeping partners." (...because of having 'roast beef' labias) That's true.

  • Mine are the same way, and guys don't care. It is annoying if they pull on them though, that can hurt.

    • Now that's of interest to me. Technique wise, I always thought my girlfriends liked that, provided I only used the minimal pressure I can generate with my lips, and only if I have saliva or another lubricant on them. Not so?

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    • For me, yes, I don't like it. But every girl is different. For instance, some girls (like myself) absolutely love oral sex, some girls are too sensitive so it can be painful on them, and some girls have no sensitivity so it does nothing for them and prefer to come from penetration. So what my answer is, unfortunately cannot be applied to other girls - you have to ask YOUR girl if she likes it :)

    • For added context, when I first hooked up with my fiance almost four years ago, he fingered me so violently I thought he was going to rip my vagina. No kidding. But the thing is, that was legitimately how the girl he dated before me got off, and she hated oral. For me, I'm the opposite, but I had to tell him that so now he knows how to touch me better than anybody else. Unfortunately, not all women speak up about what they like or don't like (very sad, but still so true), so always ask...

  • Mope bc I'm the same and my husband and other guys didn't seen to mind it :)


  • Most guys like roast beef. It's tasty.