Is being tight good?

boys always tell me I'm tight, and I'm never sure how to respond to that.


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  • Let me just tell you that anytime a guy tells you that you are tight, it is a compliment. We love it tight. That is our way of telling you that you are squeezing our private parts nice and good and it feels wonderful every time it slides in.not to be blunt.but that's what it means. Be proud of your tightness.we are enjoying every second of it.

    • Thanks! I'm glad.

      my friend said I'm probably tight because I'm half asian.

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  • Being tight is extremely good. And its a major turn on. To respond and make the guy feel better about him just say its only because your so big or something like that. By the way where do you live again lol

    • Hahaha, I'm from cananda.

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    • Sweet so how old are you

    • I'm 18 how old are you

  • I'm from alberta too...

  • That's very good! How do you want to respond? Something like, so you like my tight little "P"

  • It may be true that you're tight or not. It's just bed talk. Like you saying how big he is, whether he is or not.

    If it is true, then it's a good thing if it's not uncomfortable for you. Tightness can be more stimulating during sex so you can mark it down as a plus.


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