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What does it taste like to go down on a girl?

I have no clue because I'm a straight female! After a guy has gone down on me we usually kiss and I don't taste anything. What does it taste like?... Show More

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  • it doesn't generally have a lot of taste, it is more a smell that you remember as a taste. It is fairly light in most girls to the point of not having a taste. Learn to love that taste, it is evidence of someone who wants to make sure you are having a good time too.

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  • I like it, it tasts kind of tangy and or bitter. Some women produce more juice than others and it soaks your mouth. Of course it varies somewhat from girl to girl because of hygene and body chemistry (as with anything you secrete). You, know you don't have to go down on another girl to try it, you can try your own! I did that because I wanted to know what come tasted like.

    • I don't really give a f... what those a..holes think, but thanks! To each his own.

  • well it all depends on the girl if she"s clean. some women that I experienced with taste like kind of salty. then again that's just me.

  • It depends on where the girl is in her menstrual cycle. And no I don't mean during, I mean the other 21 days.:) . Its easier to describe how it feels then how it tastes. It starts of feeling warm and slick, and slowly moves to sticky and intense. All I can say with certainty is that as a guy you feel like you are in heaven and you could stay there all night. Awesome feeling.

  • its kind of weird because depending on how well the girl cleans her self there we might taste her body wash or nothing at all

  • It has a musky taste. But it tastes different with different girls. Depends on whether they have washed just before, or a number of things.

  • If she just took a shower or bath it tastes like nothing, at least until the juices start to flow. The juices tend to have a slight salt flavor, of course this is all foreplay I'm talking. Let me know if you want more details on going down in the middle or at the end of sex, or if she didn't shower right before hand.

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