Do girls like it when guys EJACULATE on their face?

I know its weird to ask but I always wonder if girls liked it. I've seen it on pornos and stuff like that, but do girls do it just because its enjoyful for the guy or do they do it because they actually like it?

When I was with my girlfriend, I always wanted to try it, but I was too shy to ask because what if she thought it was weird or ridiculous or something ya know? Plus, busting a nut on your girlfriend you really like doesn't seem so appropriate in the first place, but I really wanna try it someday. lol.

So girls do you like it when guys come on your face and mouth or whatever?

And guys, have your girlfriends ever said they enjoyed it?


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  • I'm okay with it. Sometimes I even really like it, if it seems like a natural thing. Like if he's already being a bit dominant and stuff. And I know my boyfriend really likes to come on my face, so I'll do it for that reason even if I'm not totally into it. He's a great guy, is very sweet to me, and I always try my best to give him everything he wants. I don't want there to be another girl in the world who would make him any happier sexually than I do, so really anything he desires is his.


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  • The face isn't fun and there are too many other places for him to cum.

    So no I don't like it when a guy wants to come on my face and I tell him so!

  • i have never had anyone come on my face and with good reason, I don't want a guy coming on my face no thanking yooou

    • What about your lower back? lol

    • No! sorry I'm up for anything at all just I don't want a fella coming on me

  • In my mouth, sure, on my face, naw not really. It'll mess up my makeup ;-p

  • well the thought o it is nasty but when it comes down to that moment I'm pretty sure some girls would enjoy it

  • i kinda like it but I wouldn't do it with my boyfreind I think its pretty firty thing to do and for a one night stand etc it would be ok but I wouldn't with my boyfreind,it jsut wrong

    • When you say one-night-stand, do you mean someone you will never see again? Or do you mean someone you just hookup with from time to time and possibly will see with your boyfriend in the future?

  • I don't particularly enjoy it. It gets in the eyes and sticks to my hair. I've had guys surprise me by pulling it from my mouth and doing it on my face. It's not something I would ever ask for though.

  • I've never had a guy do it, and I don't think I want to. I'd rather swallow or if he wants to have him come somewhere else on me. but I guess if he really really wanted to come on my face and was like begging to do it, I'd probably let him because I'm nice like that. lol. but truthfully, I don't think I'd like it on my face. IN my mouth is fine though.

  • I think it would be degrading. More of a you're my bitch, rather than you're my partner kind of thing.

    I hear it stings when it gets in eyes too. The reason its in porn is a domination thing, a lot of porn is about men being ro feeling dominant over women, which isn't exactly a positive thing.

  • no the only reason a girl would let a guy do that is because he likes it and she wants to make him happy


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  • As one person mentioned, it all depends on the woman. For the most part it is best to ask first before a man just squirts his semen onto her face, it may make for a very bad ending. Ask first if you are not sure. I have yet to have the opportunity to give a creamy facial and dream for the day when I can find someone willing to allow this with me.

    All in all, most women prefer belly if you wish to pull out.

  • Girls vary on this about as much as they vary on giving oral. I dated a girl in college for 4 years that begged me to do it, lol. The last girl I was with I never bothered trying but she also didn't like giving oral. There's really nothing satisfying about doing it either, at least not for me, but far beit for me to deny any reasonable request from my girl lol

  • It's one of my biggest turn-ons to come on my girlfriend's face. And I've had many girlfriends in the past who've not only said they enjoy it, but ask for it specifically. Part of the reason is because they know that it thrills me so much, and they love to hear me thrilled. One said that she liked feeling dirty and kinky. One said she loved the feel of it on her skin, and she loved hearing me while I was coming.

    There's nothing wrong or inappropriate about it, so long as both people are respectful and consenting.

  • I like to ejaculate on girls face. I didn't masturbate for a month and lets just say, it was a lot lol