Do you ever bend over on purpose girls?

And stick your ass in the air for attention?

Especially when you're picking something up, when you could just go to your ankles!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yea they do. And when they do it it's so obvious. I have a big neighborhood pool that a lot of people go too. Especially girls. And every summer when I'm in my front yard I always see girls walking home from the pool...but as they pass by the front of my house they drop there stuff on the sidewalk. And when they do it they bend over stickin their asses in the air, and they act like they're diggin for something in their pool bag. They stick their ass right in the air where it's obvious and just do that for 5-10 seconds so some guy(s) can get a good look. But then after they're done "looking" for something in their pool bag, they stand up, legs cocked to stick out their booty again, and they fix their hair...put it in a pony tail or whatever. I think it's hilarious yet enjoy-full. A lot of girls do it whether they're on their way back from the pool or at the beach, movies, school, work, whatever...most of them do it man, and it's only to get attention. Girls are attention whores.