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What does it mean "if your cherry popped"?

What does it mean " if your cherry popped "? Me and my date were chatting over the phone and then we went into a weird Convo...(lol) and he said it... Show More

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  • cherry popped is in reference to your hymen or your virginity...sounds like he's talking about females hurting during sex, first time around

What Guys Said 4

  • to lose your virginity

  • If and when your virginity is taken...You will know...Lol

  • he thinks your a virgin. so he inserts something about "popping your cherry" basically. your hymen. being broken. you either tell him, your not a virgin..or if you are one. then you just simply laugh and say "ok"

What Girls Said 3

  • Talking about losing your virginity I think. Refering to something or another breaking during the first time you have sex. Sort of an awkward topic.

  • It is a term a people use when you Hymen breaks. It can break with out using your virginity.

  • 'cherry popped' generally is talking about virginity (popping your cherry... as in the first time you have sex)

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