Can an older man (40+) still get a woman pregnant?

My sister and I are debating this.

I say that a man, at any age, can get a woman pregnant.

She says that as men age they become less fertile.

If someone is a grandpa, can they still get someone pregnant?

Who's right?


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  • Yes guys don't go through any menopause or anything. I think they do become less fertile but they may still get a woman preggers. And women can get pregnant sometimes at a very old age if they haven't gone through menopause.

    • Pretty logical... Damn, now that I think of it... I was going to mention this as well... Oh well... +1 frm me... LOL

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  • You are both correct. As he ages he will lose some potency, but men in their 80s are often still able to impregnate.

  • As long as a man can produce semen it is possible. Even if impotence is evident, they can still have semen extracted. According to a fertility clinic that a relative went to, they can even extract semen from corpses. It is a matter of using an electrical shock device and inserting it into a rectum and releasing pulses of electricity. It would yeild semen from even cadavars. Long story short, as long as the male can produce semen... You get the idea.

  • You both are. Men do become less fertile as they age, and more like to suffer from impotence too, but men keep producing sperm until they die, which means they can still get a woman pregnant.

  • If all she says is that they become less fertile than yes she is right, but if she says they become infertile as they age then she's not right. But you are right because they can still get a woman pregnant. I don't care if the guy is 120 or 20. All that needs to happen is for the woman to be fertile. But guys can and usually do become less fertile as they age compared to when they were in their prime. But they don't become infertile. Some may become, but it's not because he's a man that he becomes infertile its because of some other defects in his genes.

  • Don't they teach this in school? Good grief.

    Yes, men at any age can get a woman pregnant. It's just that as men age they have more unviable sperm, so the likelihood is less...but not anywhere near impossible. By 40 a fair number of men are nearly totally infertile because they don't have enough viable sperm...but even at 70 some men are still fertile... I hope there aren't many girls out there who think this way! Will wind up pregnant

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    • What the f*** are you talking about.

    • It just surprises me is all, Enchanted. I don't dislike the question at all!

  • If a man was a grandfather but still in his 40's then most likely he can get a woman preggy. If he is a 70 year old grandpa then I doubt it

  • As long as the girl still has her eggs and is healthy then he can still have a kid

    He can be 80 years old and still reproduce he just needs a female young enough. Guys keep producing sperm until death but girls only have a certain # of eggs till they're out!

  • As far as I know only women are limited really by age, only having as many eggs as they are born with. I remember hearing women are the most fertile around 16-20, because people for many years used to die around 40 so that was middle age. Men may become less fertile as they age but that has to do with a decline in a healthy life style or activity level.


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  • Yes, But they will be 90 and there kid will be 5. That's just wrong!

  • men are fertile literally til the day they die.

  • Yah, my best friend had a 7 year old aunt; The girls parents were 60 at the time.

  • Haha this is a good one. You are both right. It is true that they become less fertile, because their sp count is lower, but it's still possible. My grandpa, for example was in his 60's and he got a woman pregnant!

  • You are both correct to an extent,but more so you.

    As we [men & women] age, we become less fertile,but for men,it isn't enough to stop him from being able to reproduce.So as long as the woman is healthy and can reproduce,the man can still get the woman pregnant.

  • Yes it doesn't matter how old the man, he still produces sperm.. women can only have children until they go through menopause.

  • You're right. A man can get a woman pregnant until the day he dies. (Although sometimes his sperm can't swim up stream that fast if you know what I mean...) Anyway--Hugh Hefner has two teenage kids. I think they're like 18 or 19 and he's 80ish. So there's your proof.

  • Yes guys are fertile for a looooooong time. An 80 year old man or more can make a girl pregnant. but poor she! lol

  • yes...theyre sperminators!

  • at any age. guys can have kids when they're 90. lucky bastards