What does it feel like to lose your virginity?

So me and my boyfriend have been waiting ?we make out and stuff and yesterday he told me"baby I'm ready" so we told each other that tomorrow night we are going to do it so can anyone tell me how we start and how it feels?

Most Helpful Girl

  • One suggestion do not be on top for your first time. As for the pain it hurts. for example take a long piece of duck tape and put it on your arm press it there tight then rip it off. OK it does not hurt that bad but it does hurt. make sure you have lots lubricant. KY jelly works best. Take it very slow it will hurt but if you tell him how slow to go and he does the pain does subside afte a few minutes and after you have sex a few more times it no longer hurts.

    • Thanks I heard you bleed

    • Yes you do bleed however it is more like spotting like when you are starting your period. Nothing heavy