Why won't he wear a condom?

I'm not on birth control he knows that ,he doesn't want to wear a condom and he comes inside me all the time even when I tell him to pull out ... I work with this guy ,we like each other and hook up when ever we go out .. does he even care or not if he gets me pregnant ?


Most Helpful Girl

  • DISRESEPCT. First word that comes to mind when I read this. He has no respect for you whatsoever, if he did he would respect your wishes, however, you also aren't doing anything to stop him it seems like. If you want him to pull out, you make him pull out, if you want him to wear a condom you have to make it happen, it's obvious he won't do it unless you take charge.

    First, you need to learn to respect yourself and learn your own boundaries. You need to set a line, a line he can't cross. As of now, he thinks you can do whatever he wants and it's no big deal. You're letting him think that by not taking control of YOUR BODY.

    Second, do you really like this guy? Or is it just for the sex? If you really like him, try and take things further, more than just a hook up. If you don't have feelings for him, why are you bothering with him? I can guarantee you could find someone that would RESPECT YOUR WISHES.

    Lastly, remember, that you can't expect anyone else to do anything about this, you have to do it for yourself. it's your body, it's your life, take charge. Don't let some guy possible get you pregnant and completely change your life because of his selfish reason's (unless you want to have his baby, which in that case, refer back to the second statement). You are a strong person, do what you feel is right, take charge.