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Whats the smallest dress you have ever worn and why?

Whats the smallest dress you have ever worn and why? The question says it all

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  • This tight black dress I got it at Forever21 for 15 I got it because it was cheap, and I needed one for my friends bday party. its a one shoulder its really tight and lets just say that I couldn't even sit down because of how short that dress was... lol :/

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  • well I wore this slutty nurses custom to a halloween party and I only wore that because it was halloween lol

  • the smallest dress I have ever worn ended just under my butt. I did have a pair of spandex on though. I was snookie for halloween and I didn't want too may people to see my butt. haha

  • Wasn't necessarily short.. but more sheer. ;]easy. to get laid.

    • ewww

    • So what did it show if it was sheer? Did it work in getting you laid?

    • sorry, I forgot.. I'm surrounded by tweens.

  • One time I put a Barbie Doll dress on my hand and used my fingers as the legs. That was the smallest dress I ever wore.

  • little black dress several years ago. it was tight, showed leg. I wore it because on that day I guess I needed to feel smockin & that dress sure as heck always made me feel really hot.

  • I have to admit, I've worn some pretty skimpy dresses.the worst would have to have been the night when I went over to my boyfriend's house and he took me to this really nice sushi bar and to a drive-in but when I was getting dressed I was just so happy to be going out with my boyfriend that I just wanted to look good for him so he could be proud...and I knew that it would convenient and/or something more interesting to look at!

  • i wore a really tight dress 2 months ago... and it only covered my ass

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