Are Asian men good in bed?

I know this is a really stupid question. I'm Chinese and I've never been with a Chinese man before. I'm just wondering if they are good in bed? When I say Asian, I mean Chinese men specifically. I have only dated outside of my race because I have this preconceived notion that Chinese men are bad in bed. I know I can be wrong, but it's just hard for me to see it otherwise. And sex happens to be very important to me. I don't think tolerate a man that is bad in bed.


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  • Well the stereotype is that they have very small penises. I don't know if it's a really good indicator, but Asian porn does seem to back that up a bit. I mean some of them just look unbelievably tiny, even when they're paired with small girls. I kind of think my boyfriend likes showing me those because it makes him look gigantic. So if penis size is really important to you sexually, you might be better off with a guy who wasn't Asian. Otherwise I can't imagine there's too much difference, especially not with a guy who was raised in the west.

    • Oh yeah, and I meant to add that the one Asian guy I was with was pretty good.

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    • Yeah, I'd say so. And that's definitely one of the fun things about being a girl. If you want to find a guy to experiment with, you usually can.

    • We would be 99.9% disappointed if we used American p*rn to generalize about white guys. p*rn is not science, it's not fact, it's p*rn. In America they specifically hire large men. It fits the American media methodology of making people feel inadequate. Do American women look like p*rnstar actresses? Nope. Asian p*rn is meant to make the viewer (mostly men) feel good about themselves. Directors of Japanese P*rnography have specifically come out and said the general idea up until recently was to look for smaller, less attractive men because viewer satisfaction is most important. The recent trend is to use regular and larger guys. I've briefly seen a couple and I have to say that they're very hot (and would give American pornstars a run for their money). Look at Keni Styles, he's an Asian guy with a big... anyway. If you are the right age, then have a look and you will see what I mean. The best sex I've had was with Asian men, that's fact.

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  • It seems many people,both Asian and otherwise, hve the idea that Chinese men are too shy to be good in bed.get embarrassed easily, are inhibited.

    I'm not Asian and I can't tell you if any of that is true, but Asian women are not like that in my fairly limited experience, and you seem to be more evidence for that!

  • Why do people judge an entire group of people with baseless stereotypes.

    There are going to be a certain percentage of Chinese men who are poor in bed, a certain percentage of Chinese men who are ok in bed and then a certain percentage that will blow your mind. That goes for every single group of people.

  • I am a Chinese guy who was born and raised in the U.S. I never had sex before but I'm very willing to make a woman happy during sex ;) whichever way I can...

    • It's not that hard dude, just need more confidence about yourself. And rest of the part I think all of us Asian got our own talenet to do this job awesome.

    • if you are intelligent.. and clean.. then.. I do not see an issue.. and I am sure you are great in bed.. size does not matter to most educated women

  • I have had white, Asian and Spanish- men--Most Asian men are 6" in size normal- unless he is really tall - but it varies like Americans-- Two best I ever had were Chinese and a Taiwan- lover---The Chinese guy went all night long and kissed the whole time we made love and the Taiwan gave the best foreplay!

    So go try it out! Funny thing was the shorter Chinese guy had a bigger " Member" than the Tall Taiwan guy--- go figure!

    but like any guy I am sure it varies man to man----------- from what I have had I say unless you try it you will never know- Just get a young sexy guy! ( like I did) both guys were very into sports and in great shape too ")

  • Sex with a Chinese man is like eating Chinese food -- after an hour you're hungry again.

    Before I was married, I used to give all my dates a disclaimer -- once you've had me you'll want me again in an hour.

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  • Generalization isn't good. Of course there are some who are good in bed and there are sme who are bad.

  • I had an Asian boyfriend.. and he was the best ever in bed. his pennis was great.. is not how big your pennis is what it matters.. is what you can do with it.. also guys need to understand that having intercourse is not just putting the pennis inside of a woman vagina.. it is preparing the woman to have great orgasms.. maybe.. start with a massage (by the way, my Asian boyfriend give the best massages ever) I fall in love with him.. but then, someone else stold it from me by brain washing him with extreme religion. I am not thinking to have a boyfriend for while but when I am ready to do it again.. I will choose Asian guys.. they know how to treat a woman! Asian Guys do not ever worry about stereotypes.. your pennis is perfect and georgeous.. if you are an intellectual Asian Guy.. and would like to be friends.. let me know..

    • Another thing that I would like to say about Asian Guys is that they know how to lick a woman.. I do not think I will ever want to go back to Caucasians or other type. Besides bed, Asian Guys are very smart.. and that actracts me to them.

    • you should email me :)

  • I dated a couple of Asian men (Korean, Chinese, etc.). The Chinese, specifically, are not very developed in the idea of sexual activity. But that, of course, is turning around as new generations develop. However, if you are naming Westernized Chinese men (looks Chinese, acts Western), they would be a whole different subject.

  • Hey I'm a Hispanic female. I dated Hispanic and blacks. Trust me when I say not all black mean have big penis and Hispanic men are small too. But it depends on the motion of the ocean. Now I'm dating a Chinese man. At first I was scared it would be so small, he was shy and I guess that's why we took so long for us to have sex.thinking I would judge his penis size. But when the day came I was blowed away. He was bigger then any of my partners. And I cracked up and told him damn you kick that stereo type right out the window. He's about 7.5 with thickness. So now I'm happy. You shouldn't judge by stereotypes. As for me the more quiet they are the more bigger they are... Trust me I had guys who can to make and was like "baby I'll make your world rock with my big penis. So as soon as they show me I crack up and leave. " don't you wanna give it a try?" Nope buddy lol. But it never hurts to try :)

  • Well I am a Chinese girl in US and I've had Asian, White and Black, I would say Asian men are really the most sexy men in bed, they have the most romantic and exciting foreplay. I don't even care about size of penius, there are many other fantastic things going on during sex beside of a penius size.

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