Girls and Naked Pictures?

Okay boys! What's your complete take on girls sending you risque pictures? As hot as they may be (or as cool as she may be) does it make you think less of the girl even if her pics are good? I guess character-wise. As opposed to being shot down with a 'no way' or even a polite refusal.


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  • they are hot:)

  • I've sexted acouple guys.

    One I loved. The rest were just 'cause I felt the urge.

    Apparently the guys all liked them., 'cause they'd send one right back.

    Not one of mine got sent to anybody.

    But one of my friend's got sent all over school.

    It was actually kinda funny.

    Considering she's turned into a sperm dumpster., now.

  • As a general rule it is not the best thing to do.

  • Of course guys love it! They also love showing it to their friends and their brother and their DAD and their Friends dads. Trust me. Don't do it! It's embarassing, no matter how much you trust him, you can't trust him to not show you off to all his guy friends...

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    I love any naked pictures of any woman I'm attracted to. It will only make me think less of a woman for sending me naked pics because I will know she is naive. I'm 29 and ummm I just want to let all you ladies know your pictures eventually get shared with our guy friends. It may not happen until after you break up or other times I've been using a buddies' computer and come across his dirty files and then the pics get shared. I don't ever post these private nudie pics on websites but some other dudes are that mean. We share 'em eventually with friends to show how hot the women we've been with are so don't think they'll be private lol.

    I apologize to all the younger guys that are about to get their supply of nudie pics cut off for my answer.

    • Now I'm scared. I'm trying to get into the show buisness and I do pageants and all that. I'm not a bad person but I've sent some pics but only to three guys an ex who sent me a pic of his thing and anothet guy who said if he sends one that I send one an it would be OK. And the other guy who told me he deleted mine and he sent me some and said to delete his like he deleted mine. But I'm scared they might get online or something. I feel bad and regret it. Is there anything I can do?

    • you are probably right, most guys would def want to boast .. ;)

    • If you're confident in your body and don't care who sees it there is no need to worry because 99% of the time if your picture is shared it is because the guy sharing it knows his friends will think it's damn hot. I guess it really depends if you're comfortable with a bunch of guys getting off to your pics or not whether you should send them

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  • Definitely I start to view her as more of a sex object than girl with a brain

  • If I had a girlfriend I wouldn't expect her to send risque pics. I'd rather be close to her in the flesh and in private

  • i really can't judge because I've been horny and sent a girl a picture of my **** in exchange for a picture of her naked.

    it really depends ont he situation though. if it's a girlfriend then it's slightly appropriate. but I tend to look down on it because people really don't understand what they're doing. ( for the most part)

    i've asked girls if they would actually strip in front of the guy they send nudes to and most said no. if you wouldn't actually get naked for them why would you send a picture of you naked?

  • It depends on your definition of risque...

    To me, risque is not showing everything but acting as a form of teasing - pictures of certain areas just acts as a total turnoff for me - but a good looking girl (or guy) confident in their body sufficiently to share it is good.

    Would I think any less of them? No -only the ones who show what's not wanted without being asked.

  • There is NOTHING wrong with two consenting adults teasing each other pic wise but what can happen is that a man will sexually objectify you and his perceptions of you even when you want him to be more sesitive to who you are inside may be different then if you presented the opportunity in a different form. Its fun for both but to be honest I suggest it is a better idea to have him take pictures of you then to send him pictures. Then the perceptions are different and the respect level is higher and its more fun. Seduction should not be given. It should be offered and participated in. Know what I mean ? :)

  • As long as it doesn't get out and her reputation is good and doesn't change then ya totally. That's awesome. I wouldn't want a Girlfriend who's pictures get around and then I'm known as the guy with the slutty Gf.

  • hell no! sending pics is def a plus! if you actually like the girl you won't think no dif of he, besides ya can't hide your sexy under them dam clothesw just get naked

  • basically, I don't see a problem with it as long as I'm the only one that sees her like that. I mean she is MY girl for a reason right?

  • I like it. Helps keep everything in working order!

  • Nope, on the contrary I would admire the confidence she has in her body and appreciate how much she wants to make me happy.

  • If I saw a girl posting slutty pics of themselves online then I would think she's a slut. If I had a girlfriend that sent me risque pics then I wouldn't think any less of her. If I had a girlfriend that posted slutty pics of herself online then I would be OK with that. But I don't want her to respond to anybody that leaves comments on her pics. If I knew a girl personally that was a friend and showed me slutty pics of herself then I would also think she's a slut.

    I prefer a woman that's good looking and classy.

  • First off all, if you are hot and send him any naked pics then just lettin ya know he's GONNA whack off to that/those pics lol - it's just a fact of life lol - regardless of whether or not his opinion of you changes or what he thinks, just know that without a doubt, that boy is going to use that picture to give him a boner and he will masturbate while looking at it lol

  • lol if you send me photos of yuu naked then I would deffo think low of you ha ha cos that just means if I want something I can just tell you and you'll do it. We might like it but we also like a girl with class so why not just call us over and see the real fing other than a picture xD. I may sound like a derkhead buh its true hun sry.

  • Sex and attraction is a natural thing and if people want to sent pics to each other then it can only be good

  • I wouldn't think "less" of her.. I might think slightly "differently" about her.. but if she was my girlfriend then I probably wouldn't think different/less of her at all... unless I found out I wasn't the first guy she's sent pictures to... then I might think about her quite differently.

  • Well if it was for me I wouldn't think anything bad of her. It's something special for me and me alone and it's totally private. However... that being said if it was something that she tended to do with all her bf's or whatever it would cheapen the whole thing and then I might not care for it so much. Maybe it's shallow or self absorbed to thing that but I'm just being honest :(

    • Oh that would just p*ss me off. That would make me think less of her. Maybe I'm old school but to me at least something like that should be special. It's your body of course and you can do what you want but I just feel when you are with someone there are certain things that just become for the two of you. Seeing you naked is kind of one of those things to me, it's in the same book as kissing someone else or screwing someone when your with somebody.Hey like I said I'm old school like that but still

    • What if she has a boyfriend and sends a naked pic to someone else (who is not her bf)

  • it doesn't make me think any less of them, I'm not going to show anyone, its private, and sexier if it remains between 2 people. I've had girls that were friends send me pictures, we still talk, and we still hangout with everyone, no awkwardness at all. I guess it depends on the person, me myself, am a pretty easy going fella.

  • idk about character wise but it does show how sexually attracted she is too me if she does take them

    shot down could be her playing hard to get in a way and being wanted for a relationship rather just having fun

  • The naked pics has absolutely nothing to do with that. If a girl that looks like Natalie Portman sends me naked pictures I would not think she is low class at all. If I think a girl is low class, I'm already thinking that before she sends me pictures or not.

  • Honestly not really. Especially if I am out of town traveling and my woman sends me a nice little photo of what I could be enjoying, I don't think she's a slut for it? No also depends on the level of indecency and how long we have been together, and shiet...sometimes I am away for weeks at a time so I'd do the same for her :)

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