Girls and Naked Pictures?

Okay boys! What's your complete take on girls sending you risque pictures? As hot as they may be (or as cool as she may be) does it make you think less of the girl even if her pics are good? I guess character-wise. As opposed to being shot down with a 'no way' or even a polite refusal.


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  • its funny because all the guys saying yes on here are freaks who can't get any, no guy in real life would want a girl like this, maybe only for sex but not a relationship

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  • As a married man... I love when my wife sends me risqué pictures. I see nothing wrong with it and see no less of her. When we were just dating... I liked it... but it's a very risky business. With so many ways for people to just push that all out to the internet, it's way too hard to trust people out there. I love it... but I don't recommend girls do it.

  • Boys ask for naked pictures. Men don't

  • There is NOTHING wrong with two consenting adults teasing each other pic wise but what can happen is that a man will sexually objectify you and his perceptions of you even when you want him to be more sesitive to who you are inside may be different then if you presented the opportunity in a different form. Its fun for both but to be honest I suggest it is a better idea to have him take pictures of you then to send him pictures. Then the perceptions are different and the respect level is higher and its more fun. Seduction should not be given. It should be offered and participated in. Know what I mean ? :)

  • No. It actually makes me think BETTER of her for several reasons:

    - She's ready and willing to do things to sexually excite me

    - She trusts me to not refuse purely because she thinks I'll show them to everyone

    - She's actively interested in making sure I'm sexually pleased

    • yeeah but wouldn't you be requesting in order to validate your ego? that you have a ready willing chick is not always a good thing. hahaha

    • I'd be more likely to think "hey this is great" rather than "I've got this bitch wrapped around my finger"

    • well that's good! stay that way!

  • I like it. Helps keep everything in working order!

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  • As a general rule it is not the best thing to do.

  • Of course guys love it! They also love showing it to their friends and their brother and their DAD and their Friends dads. Trust me. Don't do it! It's embarassing, no matter how much you trust him, you can't trust him to not show you off to all his guy friends...

  • they are hot:)

  • I've sexted acouple guys.

    One I loved. The rest were just 'cause I felt the urge.

    Apparently the guys all liked them., 'cause they'd send one right back.

    Not one of mine got sent to anybody.

    But one of my friend's got sent all over school.

    It was actually kinda funny.

    Considering she's turned into a sperm dumpster., now.