Why do guys wake up with an erection?

And will it ease by itself, or must they bring themselves to orgasm every morning?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well its not from sexual arousal, although a lot of guys use it as an excuse to masturbate. Its kinda like how your nipples get hard when you get REALLY cold, there's usually nothing sexual, just your body doing what it needs to do. But its usually a combination of things. The average guy has eight hard, full-on erections every night. Its just our bodies keeping everything in check. -especially when he's in adolescence with insanely raging hormones-.Aside from that it could be caused by the way an erection puts pressure on the tube going from your bladder, out your body. (urethra) If a guys bladder is full and he's in a deep state of sleep its kinda like a fail safe to make sure he doesn't wet the bed.