Skirts, short-shorts or short dresses?

Skirts, short-shorts or short dresses? What do you consider the sexiest?

or leggings?

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  • If a woman has the legs for it skirts are pretty much the sexiest thing out there. There are the legs showing plus it's like a super tease knowing how easily you could see a flash of panties or how easy access would be for sex.

    • hell yeah man.

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  • Short dresses

    You can't help but feel like a goddess in one

    • o dam, it is really old.

    • Lol I just noticed how old his question is

    • they're very very sexy

  • short dresses, they make me feel sexy. esp paired with heels

    • that's cause they are sense.

  • short-tight dresses.

  • i think my legs look best in the right pair of shorts.

  • On me?I have muscular legs/thighs(no not manly) so none of those look good on me.Muscular legs are generally a turn off to people.

    But on other people...hmm...dresses work best on certain people where as shorts work best for others.Skirts really aren't that sexy on anyone...I feel they don't accentuate anything.

    • well I have to agree with you there.

    • No,it's called taking peoples feelings into consideration. I wish overweight individuals who wear bathing suits or tight pants or no shirt would

    • insecurity is exactly that though, caring too much about people staring and what they'll be thinking or saying about you.

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  • My boyfriend said he loves me in a skirt, he mostly just likes all of the above because my legs but mostly skirts*

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