Girls is spanking a turn on for you?

do you like being spanked by guys, and/or spanking a guy?


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  • lol there are definitely times when I want to be spanked hard.

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  • Not really NO

  • I grew up being spanked and now I enjoy giving it to guys. This is not so uncommon with Vietnamese women, I mean not for sex play, for punishment. I've never thought of spanking as sex play...

  • Yeah, it's a great stimulus.

    • and you wonder why guys are crazy about you...

    • Haha you'd be surprised most don't really know this side of me.

  • yes! I love being spanked, having my hair pulled,and being choked(lightly), it feels great.

  • I prefer grabbing to spanking. I don't mind spanking but sometimes it catches me off guard and hurts lol

    • yeah, I kind of feel the same if I would spank it would be lightly, and id probably do more grabing lol

    • Do you like to also have it spread open?

    • Yes you're right. Love grabbing and squeezing a girls ass rather than spanking. I think it's hotter for both the guy and girl

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What Guys Said 3

  • A lot of guys like a woman to spank them. If YOU like being dominated sometimes, maybe your guy wants it sometimes too. Sometimes my wife spanks me and it's really exciting. On more than one occasion she has spanked me over and over, saying "Naughty boy!" with each blow, while I masturbated to orgasm. It was awesome.

    We also have this thing where if she says something critical about her own body, I spank her or I add up every negative thing she says and keep a running count. Then one day I make her pay. She gets all scared but also excited and then we have sex. I like trying to improve her self-image (she is a goddess to me) but I also like spanking her cute butt too.

  • I rather spank than being spanked..:-)

  • I like to stick my face right between the cheeks and spank both sides at the same time. Sound good girls?