My boyfriend wants to eat me out?

My boyfriend recently told me that he wanted to go down on me. We haven't done anything like this yet, and I'm perfectly fine with him doing it, I just had a few questions. first off what do you do with your hands when he's down there?! I really have no idea...second do you really need to shave it ALL off? I'm not a huge fan of it being gone completely...and lastly will he be expecting me to return the favor? thanks! ;)


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  • Rub his shoulders or the back of his neck. Use your hands to guide him on what you are enjoying.

    Trim and shape. No need to shave. You are not age 10 and should not look it.

    Hygiene is critical. You want to be nearly odor free because he is going to immerse himself in you. If you pee after washing, be sure to blot out well. Use a paper towel rather than tissue to avoid leaving paper behind. (Eww)

    If he chooses to lick you, it is freely given and not a "deal" where you pay him back. Hopefully you will want to suck him as well.


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  • about the hands: Use them to give him feedback on what you like and what you don't, to pull him closer or away, so that he knows what do you really like.

    About shaving: nicely trimmed, but not necessarily completely shaved.

    About returning the favour: he probably won't EXPECT it, but he propably wants it, and would be happier if you did.

  • I like it when my girl rubs on my head while I'm down there. But you can do what you like. Rub on him or hold on to the cover or something if it is feeling real good. No you don't have to shave it all off. As long as its trimmed some I am fine with it. And if he just brings it up that he wants to go down on you and hasn't brought up anything about you doing it for him he may just want to do it for you with no returned favor. I know with my last girlfriend I went down on her plenty of times before she ever did it for me and I didn't mind, I just wanted to please her.

  • You don't have to shave it bare. I love a sexy shape even if it's just a thin stripe or rectangle but I LOVE bare lips. If you've not sucked him off before, I'm sure he'd love it if you did but don't feel like you have to.

  • One hand on your breast and the other in your mouth

  • Baa baa booey

  • Run your hands through his hair while he is eating. If the guy is young he probably expects you to be totally shaved bald, if he is late twenties or older he should have no problem with some hair as long as it is short enough it that it doesn't fall out in his mouth. He probably isn't expecting you to return the favor but it would be a nice thing to do.


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  • Your hands might be rubbing his head or maybe playing with your own girls just depends.

    No you don't have to do anything that you don't normally do. Little hair isn't going to deter him.

    Well whether he will want a bit of sucky sucky in return, guess he is the only one that could answer that question.

  • Run your fingers through his hair, hold on to his ears, if you're kind of freaky you may even help him out by spreading your own lips or pinching your own nipples. If it feels really good you may find your hands gripping the sheets or mattress. Shaving is a preference thing, some men like hair some don't. You can't go wrong with a close trim. Some dudes do it because they love it and may not want anything in return. Some do it just to get something in return. I don't know him so I really don't know but I say be nice and "kiss" him back... have fun.

  • Do whatever feels natural with your hands. And shave if you want to. Maybe ask your boyfriend what he prefers beforehand so you can take that into consideration. Also, he's just wanting to pleasure you and probably not expecting anything in return. But is he hoping? Sure.

  • Its all part of the experience. Everyone is different. If you two plan on him going down, shave and prep before hand, not just for him, but for yourself. It an experience you will both share. and think of it the other way too. What does he do with his hands when your down on him? Possibly ull hair, runs fingers through hair.. one thing I do when my boyfriend is down on me is I rub my inner thigh.. it turns me on and I think its sexy ;) also, put your legs on his shoulders. You won't feel so "spread open" and it makes you feel tighter and it turns him on as well ;)