My boyfriend wants to eat me out?

My boyfriend recently told me that he wanted to go down on me. We haven't done anything like this yet, and I'm perfectly fine with him doing it, I just had a few questions. first off what do you do with your hands when he's down there?! I really have no idea...second do you really need to shave it... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • Rub his shoulders or the back of his neck. Use your hands to guide him on what you are enjoying.

    Trim and shape. No need to shave. You are not age 10 and should not look it.

    Hygiene is critical. You want to be nearly odor free because he is going to immerse himself in you. If you pee after washing, be sure to blot out well. Use a paper towel rather than tissue to avoid leaving paper behind. (Eww)

    If he chooses to lick you, it is freely given and not a "deal" where you pay him back. Hopefully you will want to suck him as well.