Is it possible for a male to *pop* a testicle?

Like my friend told me today that when he was little, his father told him a story about one of his friends who jumped off of a house from a pretty high distance and somehow landed on his testicle and it pop. Apparently the dude now lives with just one.Im no scientist but couldn't you die from something like that?


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  • Ehh...probably not. It'd just hurt a lot.

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  • no you could not die (unless from the fall and maybe socially) but it would be extremely painful and could result in the male becoming sterile

    • lol if you say so

    • Any more it's actually kinda funny

    • Wow that blows lol

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  • Yes, it is possible, if you squeeze the testicle with force about (50kg) you will rupture of the tunica albulginea (tissue that cover the testicle) and spread the testicular content into scrotum. This will destroy testicle and cam be achieve easier if you put some hard surface such stone hard wood or metal plate upon testicles and then apply the force.

  • 1. Your balls are not balloons. They do not pop. Worst case, one testicle was crushed and damaged beyond repair (quite unlikely).2. Losing a testicle isn't fatal. Losing both testicles isn't fatal. This is a myth.

  • Death is a very large possibility.What usually happens is that the trauma causes blood clots and, seeing how the testicles don't have a rigid structure, the blood clots can break off and have a free ride around the body. If it goes to the heart, you'll probably die, or if it goes to the brain, it can cause severe brain damage, even resulting in a stroke.

  • Yes, it's very possible to rupture a testicle. It happens, and surgical removal of the ruptured testicle is not uncommon. You'd definitely feel like you were dying, but it's unlikely that alone would kill you unless it went untreated.

    • I think I'd automatically go insane and just jump off a building or something.