Do guys get turned off when they see slightly saggy breasts?

I'm still young, so it's not an age thing, my breasts are just big so they sag a little. Not much, but enough so it's noticeable.

I have to admit I'm very self conscience about that. It makes me feel uncomfortable on so many levels,

So please, in all honesty, does it bother you guys all that much? Should I consider reduction or something?


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  • First off... any man who gets to the point that he sees your breasts should be so into you that it's not going to even phase him. Personally... I'm a photographer who specializes in women as my subjects. Let it be known that any breasts can be made to look amazing... small, large, saggy, spaced far apart, and more. Do not let what you're born with bother you. Personally... I like all nearly all breast shapes. I'm sure they're great... but again, it's you that should be happy with what you have.


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  • In fact, I prefer breasts slightly sagging or drooping. Much more feminine. Perky breasts are beautiful but look way too immature to me. (of course, I didn't always think that)

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  • I do not get turned off. I actually prefer smaller breasts, to be honest, so I may not be the right person to answer this question, but saggy breasts aren't a turn-off at all.

    Should you consider a reduction? Well, that's a complicated question. I wouldn't consider it just because you are a little insecure, although that's just my opinion and many women choose to have cosmetic surgery on their breasts. Certainly a reduction is more natural than enlargement, but you should talk to a surgeon about this if you're actually serious and look very closely at the risks and costs. But if I were you, I'd be happy with what I have. Most guys love large boobs, so don't feel too self-conscious about it.

    A more important factor, to me, is whether it will give you back pain. Certainly having too much weight there can cause problems later in life. That's another thing you should take up with a doctor, though.

  • Depends on d level of sagging..a slight sag turns me on cos most boobs I v seen are even a bit sagged but not don't worry about it..

  • For me, I dislike it. But I don't like big boobs anyways.

  • Nope. I love pretty much all boobs. As long as they don;t sag down to your knees they're fine with me

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  • My boyfriend doesn't. he just likes to perk them up by playing with them and going push up bra shopping with me.

  • Many girls with big breasts are concerned with sagging just like many girls with small breasts are concerned with size.Look,I have big breasts and I'm married.My husband has never once complained about my breasts sagging.I admit,they certainly are not perky and by some standards saggy although they aren't at the knees or floor.He still loves them,I've asked him about me wearing a bra during sex but he always objects to the idea because he loves me and my imperfections