Do guys get turned off when they see slightly saggy breasts?

I'm still young, so it's not an age thing, my breasts are just big so they sag a little. Not much, but enough so it's noticeable.

I have to admit I'm very self conscience about that. It makes me feel uncomfortable on so many levels,

So please, in all honesty, does it bother you guys all that much? Should I consider reduction or something?


Most Helpful Guy

  • First off... any man who gets to the point that he sees your breasts should be so into you that it's not going to even phase him. Personally... I'm a photographer who specializes in women as my subjects. Let it be known that any breasts can be made to look amazing... small, large, saggy, spaced far apart, and more. Do not let what you're born with bother you. Personally... I like all nearly all breast shapes. I'm sure they're great... but again, it's you that should be happy with what you have.