How can I satisfy my boyfriend when we are in bed ? how can I do amazing things for him when we have sex?

I want to make it a blast for him but I just don't know how to? please I need an answear please.


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  • Tell him ahead of time what you are going to do to him in detail. Call him that morning while he is at work and tell him don't text he has to hear your voice. If you put the idea in his brain he will have been thinking about it all day. The brain is the most important sex organ. Then follow through. Do everything you said you would do and more. Then when you are done make him a sandwich :)


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  • One simple technique that women ignore is moaning; moan like you're in so much pleasure and your guy will feel like a complete stud. Til this day I remember this girl that was terrible in bed, but her moans were unequaled in terms of her moaning her pleasure. It was so arousing I couldn'thold myself for more than 3 min,and normally I can last a while; not with that girl.

  • Well, nasty bj's work well, you know, suck on the balls and stuff. I think a lot of girls don't realize that they are so sensitive. And, a lot of girls are grossed out by them, hehe. 69ing is good too, because when you lay on top of us like that, we get a close up view of everything! yummmmmy! hehe. Also, you could, if you are a dirty girl, milk his prostate, I have heard it is the most powerful orgasm a guy can have, but I am afraid to try it, so make sure you ask the guy and don't just dive right in on that one, lol. Good luck

  • Be enthusiastic. Take control and be assertive. tell him what you like and what you like doing to him. Don't underestimate the power the brain has in stimulation.

  • u should lick he's body. I work my ass off 2 keep my body in shape.and I love it when a girl licks my body you know? that turns me on all the time


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  • We don't have any idea what you already do, so it would be very difficult to add any creative suggestions

    • You can always let loose a little when ur at the bottom of the shaft and as you go to the top squeeze tighter and tighter. my boyfriend gets this facial expression and shakes when I do this and I thought I was hurting him, then he sort of yelled at me (in a good way) "how the hell do you do that?"( he was mad cause he couldn't do it himself.i laughed and I asked him what it felt like,and he said it tickles a little but then it starts 2 a lot feel better. its not that hard once you get the hang of it

  • Don't have a clue how to give a guy a good time in the sack? Well, don't stress about it because I'm going to give you some ultra hot tips that will have your guy going wild for you. The first thing to remember is that guys love a submissive girl and a confident girl.

    They don't like a nervous or frigid one.

    So, don't be nervous! Get in touch with your inner sexual desires and learn to express them both forwardly and coyly. You're a woman and you need to be taken by a strong man. Play the role of the innocent and the experienced lover all at the same time. Keep him guessing, you'll blow his mind. It begins and ends with cultivating your bedroom eyes and your bedroom voice.

    Many women hide their sexuality, don't do that. Use your eyes to tell your guy that you want him to bend you over and pound you silly. Use your voice, vary it from shy and innocent to sexy and seductive. Practice in your mind beforehand. When you're giving your guy a blow job don't just look down and let your mind wander, look up and into his eyes with a look of insatiable hunger. Tell him you love the feel of his big **** in your mouth and it's all you think about all day.

    Straddle the line between submissive and controlling. All guys like to take charge but that also enjoy a girl that's not afraid to step up and get a little naughty. Ask him to spank you hard if that's what you want. Ask him what he likes about your body. Tell him you want him to touch that place and stroke it. And google for Jack's Blowjob Guide, that place is full of amazing sex tips. Anyway, tell him it's all his, that you want him to explore every inch of it.

  • you can always let loose a little (not to loose, tho) when ur at the bottom of the shaft and as you go to the middle and top squeeze tighter and tighter in a half circular motion.

    my boyfriend gets this facial expression like he's gonna cry and shakes a lot when I do this and I thought I was hurting him (cause I sort of went too tight), then he sort of yelled at me (in a good way) "how the hell do you do that, that's perfect."lol(he was mad cause he couldn't do it himself).

    i laughed and I asked him what it felt like,and he said it tickles a little but then it starts to feel a WHOLE lot better.(NO BULLSHITTING EXAGGERATION!) weird thing is, he askd me to teach him, and then I tried to but he said he likes it when I do it a lot better(lazy ass).

    its not that hard once you get the hang of it. but don't rush it.i remember I just thought what if I try it and I did it and it workd.

    *remember the whole penis is important

    hope this helps

  • Two things:
    1. Suck slowly over the top of his penis and down the shaft just below the ridge and back. Be sure you’re ‘sucking’ and are slowly repeating it. Your hand should be holding his penis down close to the bottom of his shaft. Incredible!
    2. Lightly holding his balls with one hand, open your mouth wide enough to encompass the width of his penis. Then move your mouth back and forth the entire length of his shaft from top to bottom. When you get to the top, be sure to go over the ridge just at the bottom of the head of his penis. Repeating this will drive him crazy, mainly because you’re moving the entire length of his penis in feeling the incredible warmth of your mouth. To do this properly, your head needs to be 90 degrees to the length of his shaft.
    3. My friend recently read a book by Jack Hutson, it’s called Jack’s Blowjob Lessons or something. Honestly girls, I think you’ll never read another resource than that.