Do girls get hard?

Me and my friends were driving to town in a loaded car. There wasn't enough space so I had to sit on my brother's fiance's lap. I didn't want to sit too hard on her, so I was in mid air a little and my but rubbed againts her you know what. and the next thing I realized I felt it swell against my but. The same thing happened with my other brother's girlfriend as we were driving to town, and it started to smell a bit musky. Was it something else possibly?


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  • Oh my God. Drop what you are doing and call your brother right now! He has to know his fiancĂ© is a man.

    No silly. Women get hard but not in a way you could feel unless you are being very intimate with her. You do have quite a wild imagination though. I usually don't get terribly turned on if a man is sitting on my lap. The logistics are just not right and the men I am attracted to in general would crush me if they sat on my lap.

    • That is interesting. Thank you for a honest answer.

      It could have been the way I was sitting, very softly...

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  • Do girls get hard? No? Not to my knowledge? Haha. As far as I know, there is nothing in the vicinity to get hard. The clitoris becomes hardened when aroused, but unless these chicks are sporting mondo-clits, you're not about to feel anything through their pants. The only other thing on a woman's body that gets hard is their nipples, which you certainly wouldn't have felt through her pants. On a side note, why was the man sitting on the woman's lap? And twice? This seems backwards to me, but perhaps that is sexist and I'm wrong.

    • I would rather sit on a womens lap, than her sit on my lap ;), and that is exactly for non sexist reasons, if you know what I'm saying...

  • What? This makes no sense to me at all. Nothing in a girl would swell like that, and there's no way you'd be able to smell anything if everyone was clothed.

  • Well, while girls don't neccessarily get "hard", their clitoris swells and pulls away from the hood, but there's no way you could feel that. But when a woman becomes aroused, she becomes wet. perhaps that "musky" scent your friend smelled.

    Hmm, I wonder what the fiance was thinking about during that car ride.

  • Lol.girls don't get hard.they get wet!

  • that's scary. makes me think she may really be a guy and tucked and taped her wiener.

    • That's interesting... But I can assure you they are both fully female

  • we do not get hard.


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  • Are you sure you were sitting in a girl's lap? And, that's some sniffer you got on you buddy if you're smelling pussy while riding in car. Are you part dog or what?