Guys: How long did you last the 1st time; GIRLS: How long did your boy friend last his first time having sex?

Guys: How long did your first time last? Did you even cum, I've heard that some guys don't the first time?

Girls: If you took a guys V-Card, how long did he last?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I lasted like 4-5 minutes with a condom. The second time I didn't come and lasted 30+ minutes. The first time she said "Is that it?" So after that I got anxiety and didn't feel anything when having sex. So I could last forever or until I got tired. Since she just laid there like a log.

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      What a bitch! Lays there like a log and says comments like that? I'd dump that hoe, no offense intended.

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      She was a virgin, however the next 3 months she didn't get better. So I did dump her.

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      Awwww, what a cow :( "Is that it?" that's pretty harsh... Glad to hear you dumped her though :)

      Most guys only last a little while the first time, and most girls feel pain and don't come at all... So that's really rude of her to expect you to last longer the first time... That sucks man :(