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When do women stare at men's crotches?

Alright, I just got home from the mall and in the middle of shopping for a couple of things I ran into an old acquaintance/lady friend from high... Show More

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  • well obviously this girl likes you :) either that or she had just noticed either a damp patch or a big boner lol, seriously the only time a girl looks there is if she is having naughty thoughts about you ;)

    • HAhaha, I'm as clean as can be...no damp patches/stains on my pants! :P

      Nope, no boner either, haha...I was wearing regular fitted Khaki pants (if that makes a difference), so maybe I had a clear bulge idk...she's def very cute, so if she does have naughty thoughts about me I'd be pretty flattered.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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  • I don't often look at a guy's crotch. I'm more of a chest girl...like, there's this one really good looking guy I know, and sometimes he wears a button down and a little of his chest hair peeks out...that's when I can't stop staring. However, this same guy has a serious problem with talking to my boobs instead of my face, so whenever he does that, I stare at his crotch until he knocks it off. :)

    • Hmm...sounds like a good trade-off, thanks for the tip! Lol jk

      I get it though, everyone has their thing...so would you say chest is a very common thing for women to be drawn to, or are you just the minority?

    • I think a lot of women are attracted to a good looking chest in some way, I mean, after all, look how girly we all get when we see a shirtless actor haha. But for me at least, there's a line. I'm not a big fan of really muscled Jersey Shore-type chests, I like smaller muscles...but every girl likes something different.

  • we don't...

  • Honestly, women don't typically stare at a man's crotch even if we're attracted to a guy. it's just not the way it works. Typically, when a woman is seriously lusting after a guy, she's checking out his face, chest, shoulders, and ESPECIALLY the butt.

    ONE time, I stared at a guy's crotch but it was because I was spacing out and didn't even realize what my eyes were focused on. I HAVE sneaked glances at the butt of the guys I really like tho.

    Crotch however, never even registered on my radar.

    • Hmm, interesting...the butt thing, I've gotten that before a couple of times and it's whatever to me (it's cute and I take it as playful flirting), but in this case...any thoughts as to why she was so obviously focused? Lol

      For the record, this girl is a fun-loving girl who is also fairly reserved...I don't want to portray her as forward or anything negative! :)


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    • LOL weird how you commented back the moment I logged on.

      But cross my heart and hope to die, I really honestly feel nothing on the rare occasion I accidentally glance at a guy's groin because he's sitting with his legs apart. The guy is always wearing pants so there's nothing to get freaked out about. And I simply immediately look away when I snap back into reality and realize what I'm looking at. When a girl is ACTIVELY checking out a guy, she really DOES look at his upper body and face.

    • Lol, it's a sign...since my crotch isn't drawing you, my messages do :) jk

      I get it for sure, and if I notice that I'm being checked out (chest, butt, face, etc), I don't make a big deal out of it...in this case though, I had to take it in, analyze how obvious it was, and analyze it some more...to the point that I just NEEDED a second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth opinion. (I love encountering old school "buddies" lol )

  • sometime I just can't help it! and sometimes its not to guys I like either... I don't know why I do but I hope noones ever noticed! I mean I caught myself staring at my history teachers crotch once and I am NOT attracted to him at all so I really just don't know

  • I never do it on purpose and I don't think any other girl really means to. The only time I lock eyes on a guys crotch is if I'm sitting down and a guy is standing. I mean, I kinda can't help it, you know? It's right THERE in my face.

    • Hahaha, I don't necessarily think it's RIGHT THERE but sure, let's go with that ;)

      That would be the equivelant to our butt starring/boob watching...somethings are just TOO good to pass by I guess!

What Guys Said 1

  • Not many women are this bold...I can't remember the last time I saw a woman actually staring like this as opposed to just a little glance that you couldn't be sure about..

    • Tell me about it! I was thinking about it on the drive home kind of smiling to myself...def a new one for me!

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