When do women stare at men's crotches?


I just got home from the mall and in the middle of shopping for a couple of things I ran into an old acquaintance/lady friend from high school...I treated her to a coffee there, we chatted and in the middle of the convo I noticed her eyes wandering a bit...

I keep talking about the subject and as I'm talking I noticed that she's starring at my crotch for a solid 5 seconds, and literally turning her head to force herself NOT to look, but her eyes didn't cooperate lol...

So I did the "natural" thing, I called her out on it! Hahaha, I'm bad (evil grin). As I called her out on it, I sort of smiled out of flattery and said "you're starring at my crotch, huh?!" she tried playing it off while she blushed and laughed and said, "Oh my God, WHAT?!"

Finally she admitted it...I cocked my head back and laughed so she couldn't hold back either...(good times)

*So my question is: How often do you ladies glance/stare/peek at a guy's crotch?

*When are the most common moments you do?

(Sorry for the long story...it's always best to paint a scenario) ;)



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  • well obviously this girl likes you :) either that or she had just noticed either a damp patch or a big boner lol, seriously the only time a girl looks there is if she is having naughty thoughts about you ;)

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      HAhaha, I'm as clean as can be...no damp patches/stains on my pants! :P

      Nope, no boner either, haha...I was wearing regular fitted Khaki pants (if that makes a difference), so maybe I had a clear bulge idk...she's def very cute, so if she does have naughty thoughts about me I'd be pretty flattered.

      Thanks for the feedback!