When do women stare at men's crotches?

Alright, I just got home from the mall and in the middle of shopping for a couple of things I ran into an old acquaintance/lady friend from high school...I treated her to a coffee there, we chatted and in the middle of the convo I noticed her eyes wandering a bit... I keep talking about the... Show More

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  • well obviously this girl likes you :) either that or she had just noticed either a damp patch or a big boner lol, seriously the only time a girl looks there is if she is having naughty thoughts about you ;)

    • HAhaha, I'm as clean as can be...no damp patches/stains on my pants! :P

      Nope, no boner either, haha...I was wearing regular fitted Khaki pants (if that makes a difference), so maybe I had a clear bulge idk...she's def very cute, so if she does have naughty thoughts about me I'd be pretty flattered.

      Thanks for the feedback!