Do girls like to be fisted?

or would that hurt your vagina or feel uncomfortable?


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  • A hard man is good to find.

    You don't need to use your fist, you have everything we need between your legs.


What Girls Said 10

  • That's going to hurt a LOT. To the point where she might even scream in pain. PAIN not joy. That's why 2 fingers in a girl is already enough, why would a fist make it better? Even 3 fingers hurt a bit. Don't do that to a girl, you'll just put her in pain.

  • Some girls like it, and those that like it probably think it's amazing. It seems like a love it or hate it type thing, because it's so extreme. Personally I wouldn't want to do it. I think the majority of girls probably wouldn't.

  • Ah if a dude ever tried that with me he would find his fist somewhere else where the sun doesn't shine. That would be horrible, I don't even think its physically possible unless the girl was exceptionally loose. It just sounds terrible.

  • Umm well I've never done it but it sounds incredibly painful. And I'm not into pain.

  • Thanks but no thanks.

  • dont do that. it would make her loose and hurt like hell.

  • I don't even want to try. It looks so painful.

  • Doesn't sound very fun

  • 1) just because you see it in p*rn doesn't mean it exists in reality

    2) no I do not like it

    3) that would probably hurt think of a babys head as the size of your fist

    4) it will make her vagina looser and stretch it out, which makes sex unpleasant especially for YOU

    • True,True,True. (sigh) I guess il have to give up that fantasy :/

What Guys Said 3

  • Why would you want to fist her? Your specialy eqipped with a penis if you want to be inside her

  • I think it would hurt a lot. I think two fingers is enough to receive good results (lots of gasms), you don't need a whole hand!

  • Some women love to be fisted while others totally hate it, it's painful for many if lube isn't used but many will use LUBE but the pain for many is sometimes the joy.