Do women like to be "f*%@ed"?

of course, assuming the one who f***ing you is your husband/boyfriend/close one.

Do women love to get simply controlled by their man?

Having rough, animalistic sex?

Or do you like to be treated like fragile glass?


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  • Rough, wild animalistic sex all the way for me ;) I think its much better than gentle sex except in the mornings being woken up by my man having sex with me is great. gentle at first until I'm fully awake then I let him f**k me like there's no tomorrow.

    I love when my man is dominant and does what he wants with me, I find with rough sex the orgasms are much more intense for me they feel A LOT better and I always end up screaming his name when I climax.

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What Girls Said 10

  • I like it rough and I perfer it when my man is in control..

  • well as women are raised (most) we like to be treated like "fragile glass" as you say buy I think most women do like to be "manhandled" when it comes to least I do!

    It makes sex more interesting now, I'm not saying for a guy to go overboard with it but a little manhandling won't do any harm (in my opinion)

    but I guess in most cases it would have to 1/2 romantic and 1/2 rough since we don't want just feel "abused" so to speak

  • Rough sex deff. I love a guy who just takes control and demands sex, plus the orgasms are far more intense

  • I like rough sex, just because I am very passionate and wild in bed. I love talking dirty while having sex; it just makes it so much better and more intense, a major turn on basically. I like it when my man isn't afraid to express what he wants by being possessive in bed, but I believe that it's sexy to also be the one who takes control once in a while.

  • Rough and when he is in control. Although I still want to be treated like a princess and I don't want to feel like he doesn't care about me and is just serving his own needs.

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  • "of course, assuming the one who f***ing you is your husband/boyfriend/close one"

    I have to break it down to you. A majority will LOVE to get f you c k e d good and rough by a sexy stranger.