Are girls turned on by bi guys or not?

If yes why if no why not?


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  • Honestly, not at all. That is not to say that I'm turned off. But to be completely honest, the sight of a guy doing something sexual with another guy would merely make me chuckle. There's just something about two grown men giving each other sexual attention that looks completely unnatural and almost humorous.

    I also know that I would never be able to date a bisexual guy. I just don't know how I could handle the fact that my boyfriend could potentially be attracted to every single human being he meets. I am not a jealous person, but the thought still frightens me. And not to draw stereotypes, but I've witnessed firsthand some situations in which the bisexual guy dating a girl 'hooked up' with other guys and felt it wasn't cheating because he was only doing stuff with the opposite gender. Plus, the uncertainty of whether or not he was actually into females as much as males would freak me out quite a bit.

    On the other hand, I do know many girls who love bisexual guys and think it's 'sexy' and whatnot.


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  • Oh totally! I love the bi guys. I'm into the more metro scene with my guy. the clean cut, cares about his presentation, etc. that seems to be more prevalent in bi guys than strictly straight ones. The testosterone hogs that plague this area are horrible wastes of space and while maybe they're educated and well-mannered elsewhere, the bi and metro guys are much more in line with what I want in a guy. Usually they don't have some need to prove themselves to the world, have an actual skill-set, are calmer and more sophisticated. They are happier and I've noticed that bi and gay guys (and lesbians) have had to fight against "traditional sexuality" and justify their identity to the masses of idiots that pester them. They can be the most centered and balanced people around, with their "accept me of eff-off attitudes," and their energy does wonders for me!

    • If your guy is "metro" I swear to you that it is all in your heads. a feminine guy can be born fem looking and not be into usual guy stuff. I am a bi guy. I was never into sports that much, but I am ex-military. I laugh at any guy that thinks that his sexual orientation makes him act differently. sex doesn't control your ENTIRE life. your preference can't make you look in the mirror. that's called being insecure and everyone is at least a little bit. I am pretty macho but I am bi...natural actin

  • For a relationship: makes no difference. I'm into strict monogramy - whether the guy is straight or bi has no real relevance to our relationship because either way we'll be exclusive.

    For just f***ing around: oh hell yes. Especially if he's willing to do a threesome.

  • I was when I was younger. Now I have come to the realization that when two guys make out they probably could care less about making out with me and I lost interest. I have a big fantasy about two guys at once but both focused on me not each other. Doesn't turn me on or off now.

  • I would think bi women are into bi men. I would think many straight women aren't.

    I only like men who are interested in women.

  • No. They seem to almost always be in some sort of transitional phase and afterwards they end up being totally gay. Which is fine, but doesn't do anything for me, as a girl.

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  • A very, very small minority of women find it really really hot and would love to do a threesome with you and another guy. Most just view it as a threat and vector for disease. Most bi men I know don't tell people they are bi unless the partner brings it up in a positive light.

  • My girlfriend had me into a threesome with her an a shemale, I actually liked it, does it turn anyone on?

  • My ex and I fantasized about bringing a man and a tranny to the bedroom. We never did but would watch a lot of gay, MMF, and Tranny p*rn during sex. She was bi herself and I find bi woman more excepting to the idea of bi men. I'm very comfortable in my sexuality and if a woman doesn't like me for being bi, then that's her loss.

  • really stupid to say "he might be attracted to anyone he meets" that's a classic example of ignorance surrounding bi people. Just like you don't fuck any guy who gives you the time of day, bi people are just as discriminatory in their selection of partners... fuck you