Why do sluts get all the men?

Women who are easy & show off too much always get all the men. While the nice girls just get brushed aside...

What do the sluts get all the men? Do men only want sex, is this why?


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  • most guys wanna get laid, and sluts a sure bet. the "nice girls" require more work. there are good guys out there who want a nice girl.

    • Well, I don't want to consider myself to be a bad guy if I only want to get laid (though I do given the yeeeears of comments like this). I think this is very unfair: it's not like I can choose to talk my d*** into not wanting to just get laid..it's my built up, I did not choose to need to breath.. the good and the bad to me is given by being upfront about it or manipulative/player

    • i never said you were a bad guy. yeah guys want sex. and they go to sluts for that reason. if they want a relationship and sex, they go for a girl who isn't a slut. not an arguable thing, its just fact.

      and you think its unfair? I think its unfair that I can't step foot into a bar/club/party anywhere men talking to me like I'm a walking blow up doll. the second I say I wanna wait a little, they run for the goddamn hills, and I blame sluts for that, because they make sex so accessible.

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  • Guys who want sex, want girls who want sex. Obvious, no?

  • Some men aren't somewhere in their lives where they're ready or open to a relationship, and just want to sow their wild oats, so to speak. Women who dress and act provocatively appear to want the same thing, so the guys who only want sex, go after girls who in their opinion seem more likely to fall for it.

    If you want a piece of advice, don't look at it as some girls hogging all the men. Instead, look at it as some girls weeding out the men you're not interested in. I have a friend who's a smooth-talker who can charm the panties off most girls he talks to on town. Now, do I complain that he steals all the men, or shouldn't I rather think that if someone falls for his crap, they're not worth my attention?

  • Because those men are sluts themselves. Be thankful that the slutty girls are getting them out of your way and helping to keep them seperated from the guys you really want to know. It's not rocket science. You walk into a club for example: 90% of the girls and guys there can try to act all brand new all they want and can say what they want, but they are there to get laid or hook up, or stumple upon some situation that will eventually lead to that. they all find each other and the good girls go home and say: "The sluts get all the men". And the good guys go home and say: "The bad boy/man whores get all the girls".

  • one thing you got to understand is our d***s rule our heads 80% of the time, we don't really want sex, our d***s do, our hormones do, if we get sex offered to us on a plate, more aften than not we are gonna take it.

    id much rather go for the cute lovely girl and I wish I didn't think about sex, t*ts, snogging.

    all I want to do now is wank when I wish I could be excersizing because I'm quite chubby and want to lose my weight, tbh I wish there was a drug to stop me feeling horny and getting hard-ons just so I could focus on other things

    but life is a twat, nothings perfect

    • haha "I wish there was a drug to stop me feeling horny and getting hard-ons just so I could focus on other things"

      So true! how many years of my life I've wasted with my mind clouded by the though of sex or how to get it!

    • you see you know what I'm talking about

    • > we don't really want sex, our d***s do, our hormones do

      You *are* your hormones, to separate them from 'we' or 'I' is dishonest.

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    • Is this link supposed to lead me to something, it didn't work...

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  • Yeah pretty much. But supposedly the good ones get tired of sluts sooner or later and move on to nice girls, you just have to wait for them to get there.

  • The easy girls are easier to approach so even if the guy isn't just after sex he's more likely to go for a confident girl so he doesn't have to put in much effort. Aside from that though a lot of men are after only one thing so yeah, that's probably why the sluts get their attention.

    Good girls win in the end though because men aren't going to want to marry a whore : /

  • Im a slut. And I get what I want. In bed. But relationships are sh*t. My boyfriend just left mentor some one else. So yes whores get slutty men. But not relationships

    • Sorry. If it makes you feel better, I'm the opposite of you & I don't get men either :(

  • im not a slut.. and well I don't have trouble getting guys, I think its all about the way a girl presents herself.. sluts get d***s not guys there's a difference, don't think that just because a guy f***s a girl he respects her, I don't know about you but I'd rather get respect and I usually do and I do this with out a d*** in my mouth ;)

    • I love it! Sluts get d*cks, not guys! I think I have a favorite new saying :D

  • i personally think that they get guys easier because the guys that they get just want to use them for sex. those girls are the ones that get STD's. the guys that they get usually aren't quality guys. don't be envious of them. because you could easily go out there & do the same thing that they do. But those men will think less of you & you will probably think less or yourself too.

    • But what if the guy get's the whore's STDs & then dates a nice girl & passes it off to her? That is so no fair to the girl... If men won't marry sluts, why should we?

    • > If men won't marry sluts, why should we?

      You don't have to. If you can't find anyone who lives up to your standards, you always have the option not to get married.

  • Why do you want men that f*** sluts!

    Raise your standards girl. Why do you want slutty men.

    You deserve better girl don't date those sleazebags

  • I always ponder on this question myself. WHY do the slut's get all the guys? It's kind of a simple answer. It's an easy lay. Do you think if they were that desperate (And I'm not saying all guys are, because there not) for a quick sex session they would go for a girl who want's a relationship before they have sex? Or make them wait a few months? No. They want someone who they can 'woo' easily, to get into their knickers. They'll say some sh*t like 'Your my number 1 girl' or 'Your so beautiful babe' They'll be all nice to the girl at first, they after they've shagged, they'll stop talking to them, stop meeting them and overall have nothing to do with them. Girls who'd rather wait and have sex, rather than sleep around, will generally have more respect and less of a bad reputation for doing these deeds. And when it come's down to it - will a guy want to be with the girl who doesn't sleep around, or the girl who is KNOWN for sleeping around. I think the answer is obvious. I hope this helped. :)

  • Because unfortunately thats how mucked up society is, lack of self respect and people only wanting one thing. I do remember when I was young a few years back... I used to be the girl who wore jogging bottoms with crop tops/vests (not saying that is bad) but pushing my boobs up in my bra so they'd appear bigger, sticking my bum out in pictures and wearing tight thongs which to me was 'so cool' but unfortunately that didn't end up getting me anywhere. I hung out with the girls who were popular & slutty/beautiful which they were obviously aware of that (which I figured out in a few years) who got all the male attention, unfortunately they don't see that most of those guys only want them for one thing and see themselves as beautiful for it, it really didn't pay me off when I took advantage of this, most of the girls I know now that popped their boobs/bum out are now not s successful as the classy girls with self respect that I used to see as 'boring' but I really wish I was that way now, it didn't help me out, and so it will be for most of these girls and it will not pay off, they don't notice that. You want a guy who treats you with respect, not as a whore.

    (Self experience and knowledge of people I knew). (Don't do it for attention girls, its not a good form of attention (sorry to disappoint you).

  • Because they are sluts themselves.

  • I think that the sluts are the girls that guys want for a one night stand.. kinda like it's just a f*** for the guy and it wouldn't be the girl they take home to meet mom. I have a lot of guy friends that tell me this. One of my friends said that girls in p*rn are hot but only in a sexual way not for a serious relationship. Unless the guy is a man whore than he might want a relationship with the slut.

    • Do ever feel like we are getting the slut's dirty left overs? Why do we have to wait for men to grow up & get taste? They can dirty their body all they want, & we are just supposed to except them, it's not right.

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    • I know, it's what I do

    • Well I do think their is decent guys out there! Both males and females are attracted to other people when in relationships it's human nature but I think there are guys who wouldn't act on it And I think there are also guys who want the serious relationship but get overlooked maybe because they aren't as attractive as the bad boy or shy and maybe don't come on to girls and so on. I guess you could say your getting the dirty sluts left overs but I wouldn't look at it likethatbecaus anyon your

  • They get the man, but they don't keep him.

  • Yes Most of them do and because they are just not through playing around and nowadays there are so many easy girls around that a lot don't care to work for it if they don't have too. Nice girls usually win last when the guys are more older and maturer but most now at our age just want to have fun. That's it. They don't respect girls also and Society is so crazy is a big part of why these guys are so horny and want Ms. Right Now instead of Mrs. Right.

    • But the problem is, when guys get older & do want to settle down, they want younger women. What are you supposed to do if you don't find a nice guy & you're too old to meet a man's requirements? Also, why should I have to settle for a guy whose 10 years older than me while men always get younger spring chickens?

    • The older men like the younger women because they wantto still belive they still got it. being with a younger women makes them feel younger and its more fun for them and they love the control that they can have on them due to there experiences. Same for older woman. And yeah the older men are what we want emotionally because there are there but not physically and we want the whole package and sometimes to get that, you just have to be more patient but then again you can't be too picky either.