Why do sluts get all the men?

Women who are easy & show off too much always get all the men. While the nice girls just get brushed aside...

What do the sluts get all the men? Do men only want sex, is this why?


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  • most guys wanna get laid, and sluts a sure bet. the "nice girls" require more work. there are good guys out there who want a nice girl.

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      Well, I don't want to consider myself to be a bad guy if I only want to get laid (though I do given the yeeeears of comments like this). I think this is very unfair: it's not like I can choose to talk my d*** into not wanting to just get laid..it's my built up, I did not choose to need to breath.. the good and the bad to me is given by being upfront about it or manipulative/player

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      i never said you were a bad guy. yeah guys want sex. and they go to sluts for that reason. if they want a relationship and sex, they go for a girl who isn't a slut. not an arguable thing, its just fact.

      and you think its unfair? I think its unfair that I can't step foot into a bar/club/party anywhere men talking to me like I'm a walking blow up doll. the second I say I wanna wait a little, they run for the goddamn hills, and I blame sluts for that, because they make sex so accessible.