Why do sluts get all the men?

Women who are easy & show off too much always get all the men. While the nice girls just get brushed aside... What do the sluts get all the men?... Show More

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  • most guys wanna get laid, and sluts a sure bet. the "nice girls" require more work. there are good guys out there who want a nice girl.

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    • Well, I don't want to consider myself to be a bad guy if I only want to get laid (though I do given the yeeeears of comments like this). I think this is very unfair: it's not like I can choose to talk my d*** into not wanting to just get laid..it's my built up, I did not choose to need to breath.. the good and the bad to me is given by being upfront about it or manipulative/player

    • i never said you were a bad guy. yeah guys want sex. and they go to sluts for that reason. if they want a relationship and sex, they go for a girl who isn't a slut. not an arguable thing, its just fact.

      and you think its unfair? I think its unfair that I can't step foot into a bar/club/party anywhere men talking to me like I'm a walking blow up doll. the second I say I wanna wait a little, they run for the goddamn hills, and I blame sluts for that, because they make sex so accessible.