Girls, would you notice a guy taking the condom off during sex?

To elaborate, my friend was telling me about a "trick" he likes to pull sometimes when he's having sex with his girlfriend. They practice safe sex and use condoms as well as the pill, however my friend claims that sometimes he will take the condom off during sex and his girlfriend doesn't notice.

As an example, they will start with something like missionary then change to doggy. When they change he claims to remove the condom and she doesn't notice (or see because of the positioning). This is also based on the plan that he will pull out and come on her ass. Apparently she never notices that the condom is off, but I'm very skeptical.

Any female input on this? Would you be able to tell the difference?


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  • I have done this dozens of times to many girls and believe me, if you know what you are doing...they NEVER notice. For example, I did this to my wife for years and she was SO scared of getting pregnant that she would always be careful to cover me up from the beginning. I mean, who would ever think that a guy would do that to a they NEVER suspect. Frankly with my big cock, who would suspect or feel the difference. So after a good while of sex in a certain position, I'd change this up and move her around or go to doggie, then I'd pull it off. She had no idea, EVER. I told her years later and she was so pissed!

    Heck, I've done this so many times that I have it down to a science. For those interested, it is always better to have a dark a room as possible. Heck, I've even done this to a bunch of pros...who you'd think would be "extra" careful. So those girls that say that they would know, bullsh*t! I promise you that there are dozen of REALLY upset girls that find out later that night or the next day after I leave.

    Believe me, if you practice and are works like a charm! And for those who are wondering why I do's pretty simple... When a condom is on, its a bit tight and desensitizes my **** and it swells a bit more; however when I remove it after being on for awhile it becomes more sensitive and feels even better than having unprotected sex from the beginning.

    Trust me boys, works and will be the best sex you ever had!


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  • I think I'd notice and if I did I'd never be with the guy again. It definitely feels different. And any guy who would do that would definitely be kicked to the curb. It's an awful thing to do.

  • I think she would notice. For one, if he took off the condom while switching positions, she'd be thinking "what's taking so long?" (well I would). Also, its likely that both partners would feel a physical difference after the condom removal.

  • i definitely would!it'd be hard to not hear the guy take the condom off either..

  • It depends on the situation. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If you ejaculated she would be able to tell afterwards because of the mess.
    But that's not really the point.
    If you have sex with someone in a way they didn't consent to, that's sexual assault.
    I'm appalled at the "most helpful answer" being someone bragging and encouraging this. Being a sex offender is not something to be proud of.
    Just because you don't understand why something is such a big deal for the other person, or that it feels kind of a little bit better for you. That is NO excuse to be deliberately deceitful.
    Have some respect for the people who are making themselves so vulnerable and trusting you.
    Have some respect for yourself too.
    The only people who care so little about another's feelings are psychopaths.

  • Normally you would notice. There's a difference in sensation. That did happen to me once when I was drunk though. I was pretty out of it and couldn't feel anything. I'm not sure when he took it off but he did and unloaded inside me. I was so worried for the rest of that month.


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  • Sounds a bit deceitful to me, and I suppose the question you must ask yourself is for a girl to reply they must have noticed? So the fact I am the first response means they probably do not?

    My girlfriend said that she can tell the difference, but all girls are different.

  • I'd say she'd know, and when she does she'd take a fit. :L I know some girls I've dated would... Then again some girls love sex without condoms. There must be quite a difference if they think it feels so much better

  • Skin and latex have two completely different textures. I don't believe it.

  • I say forget it and just pull it off right before and then blow it all over her chest