Girls - do you like 69?

do you like it, yes or no? and why? please explain.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I hate it it just feels awkward and I just don't like it


What Girls Said 3

  • U talking about with a girl or with a guy?

    If you're talking about with a girl, then yes, yes I would.

    Never with a guy. Ever. Yuck.

    • you are one sick individual.

    • Xia90-As are you, breeder, as are you.

    • ok are you a lesbian then?

  • with a guy? yup yup.

    I can feel you* (the general 'you') staring up at me while your down there - and it's offputing. With 69 both people are too captivated to care. Plus it's nice to please whilst being pleased.


What Guys Said 1

  • Imagine two girls 69ing each other. But yeah I would imagine they love it if the girl is on top of the guy while 69ing it works.