My boyfriend wants to be tied up help?

My boyfriend likes to be tied up, nothing violent just a pair of handcuffs. I'm not the aggressive type hah but what I should do to him or with him while he is tied up?


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  • Be sure you know how to use the handcuffs safely and efficiently. Use only police quality handcuffs, not the cheap ones with a lever for double locking. Cuff his hands behind his back, palms out, key holes up for maximum security. Make sure the tightness is right; you should be able to put the tip of your finger between his wrist and the cuff. Then, double lock the cuffs (probably requires putting the tit on the top of the key into a slot on the handcuff) to prevent further tightening. Check from time to time that blood circulation in his hands is good. This shows the man that you care about his safety and know how to use the gear. Then, explore his body with however much abandon and joy you can find. Use your fingers, hands, lips, tongue, teeth, and nose on his body, all over. Watch to see his genital reaction; some things will work for him; some will not. Nibble on his t*ts and genitals. Taste (or at least, smell) his armpits, genitals, and whatever sweat or precum he produces. If you are both aroused, see if vaginal penetration is possible; it would be painful for the man, cuffed like that, to lie on his back, so use your ingenuity on positioning. Oral sex from him or to him is certainly possible while he is cuffed. He might enjoy continuing verbal encouragement from you, praising his body and especially his genitals and muscle, man-smell, studly appearance, whatever you can honestly say in his favor. He might enjoy verbal abuse, though I don't encourage that, not if you want to preserve his self-esteem. Still, some men become aroused through verbal abuse. On a later scene, add police-quality leg irons to his bondage. For variety, cuff him while he wears button-fly jeans, and maybe let his genitals out of the jeans during the event. With a little care, the experience will be fun for you both. You'll know the event was a success if both of you want to repeat it. (Police quality gear is available online, but I hesitate to mention a particular source because that might appear to be advertising or spam.) Consider whether you would let him do you the favor of reversing roles.

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      Awesome! Exactly what I needed! So I should explore his body and praise it. Okay so some people suggested I should continue with the bad boy thing that he always brings in, do you think that's a good idea like telling him he's been naughty and such?