FOR GUYS: Pulling out?

Why do guys pull out quickly after sex (when they have an orgasm), EVEN if they have a condom on? Force of habit?

O.K. I should change my question to: Why do guys pull out out when they cum, even though I'm on birth control and we don't really have to worry about getting pregnant? (and he does know I'm on it)


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  • I pull out faster with a Condom on then if I were not to have one on and that is because I have one on for a reason. You don't want cum spilling out into the girl to get her pregnant.


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  • Exactly, after a guy has an orgasm he'll start to lose his erection and become 'soft' thus compromising a condom due to spillage over the end. On a side note, he may not know that you want him to stay in?

  • ... Guys still pull out? even under those circumstances? wow..ok... how many guys have you noticed do that to base your assumption on?

    And maybe it feels nicer to (for these particular guys) cum outside of ya rather than in ya???

  • Its kinda obvious isn't it? You wanna get knocked up? Orgasm= no more erection (generally)= chance of spillage. okey dokey? ;)

  • I agree with j-tayla I never pull out if I'm wearing a condom or but if the girls is on birth control I have seen where it has failed so he might just no trust bc.

  • I suppose it is force of habit, although I don't do that. I never pull out, because I love the feeling of ejaculating inside. Pulling out seems too impersonal.

  • If there's a little hole in the condom little sperm can still get in you.

  • Lol I never pull out

  • In addition to not wanting to knock up the girl I am with, I like to watch my cum squirt on the woman's chest, ass, mouth, and face... weird but true...


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  • Some guys just can't handle the over whelming sensitivity they get after they orgasm.