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Breast milk.do you girls like it when ur guy wants it?do you guys like to drink breast milk?

i would do anything to suck breast milk. will you girls allow ur guy to drink ur breast milk when you are lactating?because I'm afraid what will my... Show More

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  • You know if someone would have told me that breast milk was a turn on, I would have thought they were crazy.and then my wife had a baby. I don't know what it was about her lactating breasts.but I couldn't suck on them enough. They drove me sexually insane with lust. She thought I was crazy, but they really did turn me on. I loved the taste and everything. Go figure.

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  • I wish my gf would let me do that to her yes I love it :)

  • It strikes me as kinda gross, but that is me. Go with what floats your boat. We are all different.

    • What does someone dissagree with? Do you not believe that it strikes me as kinda gross, do you dissaprove of my advice to go with what floats your boat, or do you not agree that we are all different? If you are going to dissagree, it would be nice to know what you dissagree with.

  • Personally I think that that's gross as well.but then again, the last time I sucked breast milk was a baby so I have no idea how it tastes.i wonder.

  • I've tasted it before but it wasn't for any sexual experience. Just wanted to know what it tasted like.

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