Hymen breaking?

is there any way I can break my own hymen? I'm still a virgin, and I don't want to bleed or anything the first time having sex. can anyone help?

I was a gymnast for nine years and I use tampons. do you think it's already broken? I can't really tell.i know that sounds so stupid!


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  • It can happen when you use tampons (during your period) or if you use a vibrator (the kind that you stick up into you).

    • It's not stupid. Most girls these days don't bleed their first time. You should be fine.

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  • No question is a stupid question. Please don't put anything inside of you that's not a sex toy or tampon.

  • if your worryied about size or anything just look for something that you can put side of you, if you do this just member to go slow

  • your hymen doesn't hurt when you enjoy sex, its a wasted cloak of blood, and if you've used tampons its already broken. You can tear it though.

  • If you were a gymnast then chances are that your hymen is already broken but it is also a possibility that you could have been born without a hymen


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  • i broke mine the first time I did a full split in dance class. girls can break theirs during any physical activity, depending on the girl. some girls don't even have one to begin with

  • Wow, this isn't the first time I've heard this one.

  • it might have already broken. a majority of girls lose theirs if there involved in a physical activity. most people say that the hymen breaking has nothing to do with sex. if yours hasn't broken yet you might not evn bleed

  • You can break it in many ways, most times without meaning to.

    I broke mine while horse riding. this is very common. Infact in most physical activities it is.

    Using tampons can also help (:

    • How do you know when you brake it?

      i ride horses like every day and compete & I also play soccer.

  • i knew a girl on my cheerleading squad in high school, and were were stretching and she was in the split position and she couldn't go all the way down, so one of the older girls just pushed her down hard by her shoulders and she went down, but she started bleeding. apparently broke her hymen. so that's one way, it might be painful.