Girls: have you ever seen a guy pee in public?

if so have you tried to see his penis?

if you saw it, would it turn you on?


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  • I saw a homeless man peeing in public. It was gross. I didn't try to see his penis.


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  • haha yea, this guy was tryna leak behind some building. It was funny but kinda kinky because he was doing those facial expressions (the kind when you hav one of those really good pees) and moaning a little bit haha

    • did you see/look for his penis?

    • lol of course. It was kinda hard to miss (the guy was blessed down there :3)

  • yes, no, no.

    Peeing in public is NOT hot.

  • I rmber when I was little I saw a kid pissing on his house. It was funny and my dad even made a saying " Little jose pee pee on the wall". It doesn't mean anything but we used to say it all the time.

    Oh yeah. I wasn't turned on.

  • yes I've seen 3 lads peeing in public, no I did not try and see his penis because they were peeing and that would be a bit wrong to look I think

  • yes.. I use to have this friend who would pee anywhere he once peed on my driveway.. he was like a dog, and he always told me not look (like if I wanted to see him take a piss)

  • lol. And if I did, I wouldn't try to see his peen either. Kinda griss imo

  • Yes. And that was awful.

  • hell yeah... I have seen em...and tried to get a peek to...but never turned on..never ever never

    • why wwud you ppeek then?

    • hahahahha,just a curiosity :P

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  • I won't lie; I am ever amazed by human curiosity. During my lifetime I don't think I've ever had a thought that would ever allude to this question. Kudos man. Whatever led you to this is rare, genuine, and probably has something to do with Adult Swim.

    • its a interesting question. I find peeing in public or communal peeing a facinating topic. by the way what's adult swim?

    • Rule #34 is profound. Adult Swim is something that, if you don't know what it is, isn't worth knowing about.

    • Living in Guatemala, I learned a legal provision intending to protect the indigenous from arrest for their normal customs made public urination legal (for everyone). I was surprised at how unabashedly some men did, with female passersby seeing everything (still legal). Being from the U.S., I had to try it once or twice. On remote roads, when a girl came, I pulled it out in front of her as if I had to pee. Some of them didn't look, but some did... and put their hands over their mouths and giggled.