Sucking on tongue while kissing: hot or not?

OK So sometimes when my guy and I kiss and its getting steamy, he will stick out his tongue (french kissing I guess) but then I will get it with my mouth and kinda start sucking on it. Do you guys like that or not?

Also, what kinds of things do you like to be done while kissing?


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  • ima go with not hot. I understand the concept and why it might be tight, but really I think it just feels kinda weird. I just think in general, people dtm with the tongue, but that's just imho. the best thing while kissing is when she holds the back of your head and runs her fingers through your hair...only if she has nice hands tho haha

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  • I <3 it. My lady rocks at it :D

  • Absolutely hot. I did it a little bit to my girlfriend, at first, to hint to her that I liked it, and then she got the idea and started doing it to me. Best thing ever. At first she felt it was kind of weird (not bad weird, just that she hadn't done it before), but once she started doing it, I could tell she was really enjoying it and getting into it. She would start moaning a little bit and it was super hot. For her, it went from a "what are you doing" to a "why haven't we been doing it this way this whole time?" kind of thing.

  • Anytime tongues touch while kissing it's hawt

  • I'd want to do that to my girlfriend.

  • , O.o wish my girlfriend would do that, that's amazing lol, I vote 10/5 stars :D because its that awesome

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  • my ex and I kinda enjoyed it! lol till the tard pulled to hard, if its a little bit its kinda nice :P

  • My ex would do that to me and I loved it.

  • i did that by accident with a drunken kiss on new years...i was wondering the same thing tbh haha

  • Me and my boyfriend do that all the time, I love it. We both think it's hot and it works great as foreplay for us, we both get very aroused from it:)

  • it's weird. not sexy.

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