GIRLS: Do you like when a guy flashes you his penis?

GIRLS: Do you like when a guy flashes you his penis? Do you like it or just find it annoying?

That's weird that so many girls feel this way when most guys wouldn't feel awkward at all if it was a girl flashing them. They'd be excited and enjoy it.

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  • annoying

    • you will get a lot further with this than you will randomly flashing your penis...i promise.

    • I will remember this.

    • for me, its like they think I'm easy enough to whip his penis out and I'm supposed to fall for that. I would be so much more turned on by him kissing me and biting and pulling my hair.

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  • annoying

  • Lol no I would think the girl's a hoe just stating my opinion

  • Ew no it would make me feel really uncomfortable!

    • f*** lesbos I bet a flash of a girls genitals would get you off

  • annoying for sure

  • Nooo coming from a normal good looking girl I highlu suggest you dnt I would be feel odd next to this guy and find him stupid

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