Finger penetration = losing virginity?

Does a woman lose her virginity when she has finger penetration?


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  • God damn, women are stupid. This is almost as bad as those "can I get pregnant from dry humping" questions. The answer is NO you cannot lose your virginity to your fingers. Next time try looking your question up in the search bar on this site because 101 other moronic girls have already asked the same questions.

    • Wow nice guy!

    • Geez, my brother. You must be from one if the clans lacking in compassion. The girl wants to talk about herself intimately. Seems that's a reason we are here. How many girls do you know that want to talk about their Vag in person?

    • another oxy moron!

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  • Depends on the definition. Probably not. No guy would claim to lose his virginity to his hand.

    If you define virginity in a girl as possessing a maidenhead, then she could lose it any number of ways.

  • Nope, virginity is not a real thing. It is not something tangible. It is defined as your p**** before a penis has penetrated it. You might put a lot of things in there, but until you put a penis in it, you are a virgin.

  • Virginity is an old and tired concept. If you have sexual contact, you are being sexual, the technical details matter not at all.

  • gentle penetration will not damage or single may not damage.But more than two and violent may damage.Is a fine membarane.A pressure or stress on it is sufficient do damage.

  • When your hymen is broken due to penetration or fingers or any means to break the hymen skin then you are no longer a virgin in any case.

    • hymens break or wear down for many reasons. Horseback riding, tampons, even menstrual blood can wear it down, and some women are born without them. it has nothing to do with the hymen itself.

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  • I agree with "Virginity is a philosophical state. It does not depend upon the state of one's hymen. It is determined by whether you have had penis penetrative sex." - Mr. Anonymous

  • LMFAOOOO! What a funny q.

    • I have something for you. Take it or leave it...

      When you are trying to figure out why boys don't take you seriously, laugh at you, blow you off, &/or disrespect you, take a good look at how you treat people. The way you treat girls will tell you volumes about your relationships with boys. Good luck

    • You must be joking, Ginny :S Actually guys treat me okay. Lately I've learned a lot and I don't have any problems. But seriously, I thought this was a funny q? Give me a break. Sooo sensitive eh

    • Thank you. No, I'm not joking. I say what I do 'cuz I care. I'm sensitive about young girls being picked on when they did nothing to deserve it particularly when it's a delicate subject. I used to give girls crap when I was younger & it caused nothing but problems later. I had to learn I was a smart a** because I was too afraid to be real with people.

      I'll give you a break. I'm happy to know that you are not having any problems. And just so you know, I would stick up for you too.

  • No, you can only lose your virginity from intercourse. However it is possible that fingering can stretch or tear your hymen.

  • It is.:)

  • no, not true.

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