How much can you take?

I just found this site nd I love it, the people here are so open and willing to talk about anything, kool.

Here's my querry.

All the reputable researches that I have read say that the vagina is 5 to 7 inches in depth. Yet I have read and heard of penises that are sometimes up to 12 even 14 inches. What is the truth? If those two statements are true, does it mean that the guy would be able to use only up to 7" of his penis?

Moreover I have seen some ridiculously large toys at the adult store, are these for show gag gifts or do people actually use these?

So I guess my question is, how much do you suppose you could accomodate or have accommodated? As for those larger than life sex toys, do people really use those?


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  • I know that from my medical training, the average size of the vagina is about 4 inches; however, of course that will vary, just like penis size varies with men. When the penis is too large, it will hit the cervix. The cervix forms the base of the uterus.

    The cervix has fewer nerves than much of the rest of the female reproductive system, so if the penis hits the cervix when having sex, the woman will feel pain or pressure. Typically, when a woman is aroused, her uterus and cervix will ascend, lengthening her vaginal barrel. This usually means that the penis doesn't hit the cervix, unless of course, the penis is way too large. That's why those big toys can go in a woman because when aroused, her vagina will get larger.kind of like the male penis---when aroused, it gets larger. :)

    I've met a few women that love that feeling of pressure/pain when they are having sex, and thus, they will say, I only have sex with penises larger than 10 inches. No joke! However, I think most women find this feeling uncomfortable, and that's why one of my close friends can't have sex with most women as he has a large member and most girls he is with, find the sex too painful with him, and as much as they love the size of the thing, once they take it, they can't handle it.


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  • I think it's funny that a bunch of guys are answering this question... aha. Okay so, keep this in mind, the every time a girl orgasms, her vag lengthens. For some it's not noticeable but for others it can be up to a half inch. So yeap. I heard it on the discovery channel.


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  • Great question. I believe your stats are correct and I know from the women I have coached/talked to that often men of a longer stature cause pain. However, there are women who are deeper and can take a larger penis. There are also positions that can be done that will prevent the penis from entering too far.

    I do know some women who do use the larger dildo's. I also know some who like to talk a big story, but realistically they only use a small portion of the dildo.

  • Once in a porn movie, I saw a 2 liter bottle of MtDew all in except the neck and cap. I don't have a problem with the width of the bottle, but the length of it. I just don't see how it is possible even though I saw it.

  • Your stats sound right. The vagina can expand, part of how a baby can also exit that way.

    Some women can expand more than others, but really to much depth can cause problems, bumping up on other organs, etc. The worst is hitting the cervix, and if that happens you have as much as you can take. You can change positions etc. to try to keep from hitting the cervix though.

    From a true pleasure perspective, girth rules over length. Wide will make you feel more filled up that a long tool.

  • I have stumbled upon some videos of guys with 12-14 inch penises, and they didn't get all the way inside.the girl looked like she was going to die lol