Chubby girl with skinny guy?

Just so you know what I mean by chubby: I'm not super skinny and fit, but nobody would say I'm fat, I do have a nice shape due to my boobs and butt,.

When I feel interested in a guy, the fact that he's more or less skinny and not really muscular looking, is kind of a no no? I don't wanna be this shallow buy when I want to imagine us having sex or even cuddling it just doesn't feel comfortable?

Well I guess the fact that I'm chubby is adding to my judgment, but I mean even a skinny guy with a skinny girl feels uncomfortable no? What do you think?.

Im still overlooking that fact in my current love interest though, and I've actually been with one before... But I was blindly in love.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Personally, I have always been attracted to guys with a little more meat on them than overly skinny. But honestly I don't think your weight or his should really make any difference. I think you should connect with this guy on other levels (friendship, humour, things in common, kindness) and then see how things are sexually once you've invested some emotion into the relationship. I've been with guys that I never thought I would be attracted to and the more I became friends with them or spent time with them, the more I was attravted to them because of the friendship or maybe their humor...good luck! Hope this helps : )