Chubby girl with skinny guy?

Just so you know what I mean by chubby: I'm not super skinny and fit, but nobody would say I'm fat, I do have a nice shape due to my boobs and butt,.

When I feel interested in a guy, the fact that he's more or less skinny and not really muscular looking, is kind of a no no? I don't wanna be this shallow buy when I want to imagine us having sex or even cuddling it just doesn't feel comfortable?

Well I guess the fact that I'm chubby is adding to my judgment, but I mean even a skinny guy with a skinny girl feels uncomfortable no? What do you think?.

Im still overlooking that fact in my current love interest though, and I've actually been with one before... But I was blindly in love.


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  • Personally, I have always been attracted to guys with a little more meat on them than overly skinny. But honestly I don't think your weight or his should really make any difference. I think you should connect with this guy on other levels (friendship, humour, things in common, kindness) and then see how things are sexually once you've invested some emotion into the relationship. I've been with guys that I never thought I would be attracted to and the more I became friends with them or spent time with them, the more I was attravted to them because of the friendship or maybe their humor...good luck! Hope this helps : )


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  • I think anorexic or bony skinnt is a no no on both sides. When I cuddle with a girl, I want to feerl some softness, & a girl must want to feel some muscle & feel like the guy is strong. Often, girls who are a little "chubby" are the ones I find most attractive, because more often than not that chubby is "baby fat" that becomes healthy weight in the right places & they become the most beautiful...

  • I think most women like their man to be bigger than them so they get that warm protected feeling when cuddling with him, so you don't need to feel bad about not liking skinny guys. The skinny guys will just find an even more skinny girl (hopefully anyways).

  • Lots of young men remain androgynous into their late 20's. Mick Jagger and David Bowie until late 60's. If he does not appeal to you because he is bony, you need to look elsewhere. You can't change him and you can't change your feelings..


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  • I'm fat and losing weight right now, and I love skinny guys. I haven't had a real boyfriend yet though, but I've been asked out by skinny guys before. I don't see it as a no no per se, I just want to lose weight so I can be comfortable with my body and then I'll be open to getting a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I don't want to get skinny, I just don't want to be fat anymore. lol I'd go for chubby then leave it at that. Then I'll have no problem dating a skinny guy. One of us has to be soft and cuddly right? No problem if that's me. ^__^

    skinny guys are hot though. Well, not all of them, but they are definitely making a comeback these days for some reason. I think its the hipster thing. lol Anyway, my best friend and I are always talking about skinny guys. She likes them too. I like built guys as well, but not too muscular. I'm not a fan of huge guys.

    I like skinny girls too, but I like thicker, curvy girls body types better. everyone has their own tastes and what they find attractive though. :)

  • Skinny is OK... bony and anorexic (on a guy or a girl) is oh HELL no!

    I prefer slim... I don't like pencil thin, I like some kind of meat on a guy. I'm mostly a face girl and anorexic faces are ugly, so if he's got pretty eyes, a nice smile, otherwise hot face, I don't care what the rest of him looks like! But I would prefer meat over bones, trust me.

  • Im a thicker girl ((chubby)) but I'm not into bigger guys..But being with a guy TOOOO skinny would just look weird in public so what I do I go for taller guys that have a bigger bone structure and a little muscle so that we don't look as odd together.

  • Dating starts with physical attraction so if you have made it past that and you both decide to date...he already knows what you look like and still wants to be with you and you him then go for it. If it's not fun don't do it. You will move into uncertainty after the attraction...Just know this too will pass it and you will be exclusively happy.

  • i feel the same way, if I see a skinny good looking guy I also look at his height, it helps me alot, and maybe you can try it as well.