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What's wrong with me?! I can't feel anything during fingering!

I've tried fingering myself a few times before, but I just don't get anything off it! I don't really get a sensation. My boyfriend has tried a couple... Show More

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  • No there is nothing wrong with youSome women just aren't as easily stimulated when it cones to fingeringYou may just enjoy clitoral stimulation more it's normal and it's no ones fault just a your boyfriend is fingering you rub your clit to keep you aroused and allow you to climax

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  • the reason you can't orgasm or feel anything isn't because there's anything wrong with you, its because you haven't reached that passion inside you.i want you to try something, when your alone, lie on your bed and think of your happy place, imagine yourself floating, as you do that think of someone your attracted you deeply, someone that gets you really turn on and makes you feel like jelly too.as you think this have your eyes closed and slowly touch yourself start from up to down, feel your breasts round for awhile, then your hips, think of what you want him to do to you, what part you want him to touch of you.for it being your lips softly to kissing your neck, his hands brushing through your hair to moving down your back to your hips to your thighs.think of every slow tender touch. move your hands down from your breasts slowly to your hips and stomach, then slowly inbetween your legs and touch yourself there.feel around your clit, rub it ever so softly, do this for a little while then move your hand down and I'm sure you get the idea.i hope this helps, if you want more advice then email me

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  • I don't get off on only fingering either.You need to give the clit more attention. Then you will have an orgasm much easier.

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