Why does she tease me?

Story is, I've known this girl for a little over a year. She has told me several times that she isn't ready for sex, and I respect that, but she constantly teases me when we webcam by pulling her shirt super low and showing some serious cleavage, which is torturous, considering she's a D-cup. I... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Haha I actually do that to my boyfriend all the time. It's just funny to me because I can tell how turned on he gets and I don't even have to try. It doesn't mean anything, it's just flirting. And showing clevage doesn't necessarily mean a girl is a slut. I haven't gone any further than first base, and I've only been with one guy before, and I love wearing low-cut shirts. (:

    • Do you show him your pink starfish over the cam?

    • Who the hell says pink starfish? You mean pink taco?

    • Wait. Took a second. I get it now.. har-har.