My girlfriend has told me she wants to have a 3-some with me and another guy. Should I be worried?

She tells me it's purely for experimentation, and 'fun' ~(she says she wants to be "DP'ed". I don't know if I'd be too comfortable being that close to another guy naked, even if he's straight too. My girlfriend and I have been dating about 4 months... should I be worried that I can't satisfy her? If yes, explain. If no, why not? Lastly, what is it about this 'DP' that she's attracted to? Any girls with experience, help!


Most Helpful Guy

  • i say if your comfortable by letting some guy penetrate your women you should get to pick out the guy make sure you look way better and then make sure he doesn't out perform you in bed

    that way she gets her DP and then you get to say now its time for you to bring a frined over so we can do a 3some with anohter girl