My girlfriend has told me she wants to have a 3-some with me and another guy. Should I be worried?

She tells me it's purely for experimentation, and 'fun' ~(she says she wants to be "DP'ed". I don't know if I'd be too comfortable being that close to another guy naked, even if he's straight too. My girlfriend and I have been dating about 4 months... should I be worried that I can't satisfy her? If yes, explain. If no, why not? Lastly, what is it about this 'DP' that she's attracted to? Any girls with experience, help!


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  • i say if your comfortable by letting some guy penetrate your women you should get to pick out the guy make sure you look way better and then make sure he doesn't out perform you in bed

    that way she gets her DP and then you get to say now its time for you to bring a frined over so we can do a 3some with anohter girl


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  • ewwww don't do that she will end up dumping you and you will be mad fun of.

  • Girls who want this and have a boyfriend already, are clearly not serious about the relationship. If her saying this makes you uncomfortable, tell her. How she responds might make or break your decision about it.

    As a girl, we all get curious. Most girls go through a bi-curious phases and other things such as being dp'd. I get curious sometimes, but I'd never really do it. Personally, if I was in a relationship and cared deeply about the guy, I'd be really selfish and wouldn't want to share.


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  • Some girls just get turned on by having 2 cocks in them at one time. I doubt she will actually be able to handle that though. If you are going to do that for her make sure she's down with you having a threesome with her and another girl. That's the only way I would agree to it.

  • she sure sounds like a keeper


  • If she's serious about a relationship I don't think she'd like to invite another guy into it only after 4 months, but on the other hand don't miss the opportunity to get to DP her!

  • it means double penetrated. One of you in her pussy, one in her ass. I hope if you go through with it that she's already tried anal at least once before or it could be akward. Threesomes often end up in a couple breaking up so if you do go through with it, make sure the other guy isn't a close friend.

  • Maybe try DP with a toy and your **** first. My girl and I do this and it drives her crazy.