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Pleasure for Circumcised man!

Hello Everyone! :D I have a question to any men out there that are Circumcised or any ladies that have experience with a man who is! :) I am... Show More

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  • Circumcised guy here, so this is what I know about myself and what I like from a lady.Find a pic of an erect, circumcised penis online. You'll notice that there is a difference between the skin on the shaft toward the base from the skin closer to the head. The skin closer to the head is more sensitive. As is the ridge under the head, as is the head itself, all much like an intact man. If his frenulum (on the underside of the head) is still there, that's a sensitive place as well and is great for the tongue during oral. Key differences: 1. His head will be less sensitive than an uncircumcised man, so stimulating it directly is pleasurable. 2. Depending on how "tight" his circumcision is, you may need to use lube (oil, KY, spit, etc.) when doing manual stimulation, and pulling all the way down toward the body can be painful, since there just isn't as much there as with an intact one.Good luck and enjoy!

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