Girls, do you like it when a guy is shaven or au naturel?

In my opinion, if a guy shaves. down there. it makes me feel like I've been getting horny over a 10 year old! Eeew. Really BIG turn off. I find it really girly too, it's like a guy wearing fake tan or spending hours doing his hair in the morning. both more big turnoffs for me! But we are all different. Girls, how do you like your guys to be - shaven? trimmed? natural?

Guys how do you like yourself to be down there?


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  • i definitely prefer guys to be natural, but if the guys is really awesome in other ways, it's not that much of a turnoff if he shaves.

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      That's a good answer and I agree... I'd much prefer a guy to have a wholesome and genuine personality and be shaven, than a guy with zero personality and be nice and hairy. But I know you can have the best of both worlds :D... chest hair too please :D :D

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      Haha absolutely. I once met a great guy who shaved not only his pubes but also his CHEST. He had stubble everywhere! I was just thinking, why get rid of it? I don't like to be the hairier one.